How To Spot And Remove PUBG Mobile Bots

How To Spot And Remove PUBG Mobile Bots
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PUBG Mobile has just released in the United States, although players from around the world have been playing the Chinese version since release using various forms of a VPN. Whether you’ve been playing since Chinese release or you’re just now jumping in, you may have started to notice PUBG Mobile Bots. Fortunately, there’s a way to get rid of them.

Back when it first released, PUBG took the world by storm. Although there are now a number of Battle Royale games such as Fortnite that pose stiff competition, PUBG has managed to retain a huge player base across multiple platforms, with millions of people playing at the same time. The jump to mobile is relatively recent, and the US release is just a few days old.

For many jumping into the game for the first time, there’s one thing that may start to become readily apparent: PUBG mobile bots. These bots can significantly reduce the quality of gameplay, so many people are looking for a way to remove them, but it’s not too simple to get rid of them. In order to remove PUBG Mobile bots from your game almost permanently, you need to continue to rank up, as you’ll find that the problem is only present in the early and low ranks of the game.

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How To Recognize PUBG Mobile Bots

As mentioned above, the main way in which you can remove PUBG Mobile bots is via improving and getting out of the low levels. As PUBG Mobile bots aren’t very skilled, it’s difficult for them to climb the ranks with any reliability. As you get higher and higher, you’ll see fewer and fewer of these annoying bots, but it helps to be able to recognize them so you can gauge the progress you’re making towards eliminating PUBG Mobile bots.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to determine whether you’re fighting a bot with 100% accuracy, but there are some distinguishing characteristics that make it relatively easy to detect when the player you’re fighting isn’t actually human.

One of the main ways in which you can find a bot is by taking a look at their awareness. If you find that a player can detect you instantly each and every time you come into their field of view, they’re probably a PUBG Mobile bot. Real players can’t react that quickly, so it’s a telling sign if it happens more than a few times.

Bots usually also only carry a single weapon, so if you don’t notice them switching at any point in time there’s a high likelihood that you’re fighting one.

Lastly, one of the best ways to detect the PUBG Mobile bot is how they play. While bots have razor-sharp reaction times, they often make stupid decisions and have questionable accuracy. In low ranks, it’s possible that this is just a confused or new player, but as you start to get more experience it should be pretty easy to tell when the person you’re playing isn’t a person after all.

How To Remove PUBG Mobile Bots

In order to remove PUBG Mobile Bots from your game, you’ll have to continue playing the game and proceed to take your character on a leveling up mission. Once you’re out of the Bronze bracket you’ll start to notice significantly fewer bots in your game, and enjoy a better overall PUBG Mobile experience.

Until that point, learning to recognize bots using the tips avoid and avoiding them or taking them out as quickly as possible is going to be your best bet to continue your climb to victory.

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