Android P Pixel Launcher APK Download Available Now

Android P Pixel Launcher APK Download Available Now
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The Android P Pixel Launcher APK download is available now, and is able to be used on a number of Android smartphones.

Although Android Oreo is only available on a select few phones, Google is charging ahead with the release of the next Android operating system: Android P. Google has released the first developer preview of Android P, and it’s now possible to obtain the Android P Pixel Launcher APK download for a variety of smartphones.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that this developer preview is just a preliminary release that will likely still have a number of bugs that need to be ironed out. As such, we recommend not installing the Android P Pixel Launcher APK download on any phone that you’re worried about losing information on. If you have an extra device lying around or you’re willing to take a chance on this new software, however, the APK download is now available to get a sense of what we might be able to see from this upcoming operating system.

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Developer Quinny899 has also released a port of the Android P Pixel Launcher that will allow you to give it a try without risking the integrity of your phone, so that’s another viable option that will give you a sneak peek without putting any of your data at risk.

With Android P coming so soon after the launch of Android Oreo, it’s seeming like the majority of smartphones may remain an operating system behind. With only a fraction of current smartphones currently running the latest build, it’s certainly an interesting decision for Google to charge ahead so quickly with the release of Android P. We’re still a good ways out from the release of the full consumer build, but even if we’re waiting multiple months for a full version of Android P, there will be precious few phones even running Oreo. New releases over the next couple of years may end up skipping operating system updates entirely with the knowledge that a new build is coming sooner rather than later if Google’s development pace is to continue.

User reports from around the web suggest that the Android P Pixel Launcher is working quite well on a number of devices, with several media outlets reporting that the update is working flawlessly on both Android 8.1 and Android 7.1.1, which is a reliable assurance that it should work both on the new Oreo update as well as the older and more widespread Nougat.

If and when you install the Android P Pixel Launcher APK download, you’ll notice a newly redesigned bottom-area of the screen, with a screen that is now a panel that can be swiped up. The Google Search bar is an integral part of many Android phones, and there’s now a voice icon that allows for quick input to find the information you need, hands-free.

Android P Pixel Launch version v9-4623511 is on the servers right now and available for a download if you’d like to give it a try. Simply visit the APK download link in order to test it out on your compatible Android phone.

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