BMW M2 Gran Coupe Will Feature Rear-Wheel Drive [REPORT]

Reports indicate that the BMW M2 Gran Coupe is in development, and will feature longitudinally mounted inline-6 and rear-wheel drive.

BMW M2 Gran Coupe
Image source: JCCars/YouTube Video Screenshot

BMW M2 Gran Coupe

Although the rumors regarding rear-wheel drive on the BMW M2 Gran Coupe are still up in the air, we at least know that BMW is not ditching the M2 nameplate for this upcoming model. Autocar reports, however, that the BMW M2 Gran Coupe will include the rear-wheel drive capabilities that the company is also using in the successor to the current 2-Series Coupe.

Whether BMW’s next-generation 2-Series family will include a rear-wheel-drive coupe to serve as the basis of a new M2 is still unknown, but regardless, we’ll soon be seeing another car with the M2 label.

Motor Authority reports that the head of BMW research and development hinted to Motoring at the 2017 Frankfurt auto show that the next-generation 2-series coupe would most likely feature the rear-wheel drive, but until now there wasn’t any indication that the BMW M2 Gran Coupe would feature the technology as well. Until now, it was thought that the BMW M2 Gran Coupe would be based around the front-wheel-drive UKL platform we’ve seen in the X1 and 1-Series.
However, if the reports from Autocar are to be believed, we will, in fact, see the rear-wheel drive on both models.

Potential Downsides

While the decision to include rear-wheel drive in the BMW M2 Gran Coupe is a good thing overall, there may be a few tradeoffs with the inclusion of this technology. Motor Authority reports that space in the rear of the device may end up very limited due to “a combination of a sloping roof and the driveshaft tunnel.” The majority of automakers are switching to front-wheel drive for their sedans, so it’s refreshing to have the BMW M2 Gran Coupe reportedly include a different option.

It remains to be seen just how much space the rear-wheel drive equipment will take up, but if it limits the space in the back of the vehicle as much as Motor Authority expects, there’s a possibility that the inclusion of rear-wheel drive on the BMW M2 Gran Coupe won’t be worth it. There’s a significant population that looks for the superior handling of the rear-wheel drive technology, however, so BMW may see this choice pay off in terms of sales as it offers another option in a sea of sedans with a similar setup.

Current estimates for the release date of the BMW M2 Gran Coupe put it at some time in 2019, so it’s still a ways off. We’ll likely receive more information on the specifics of the vehicle as we get closer to launch, including a confirmation of whether this rumor regarding whether rear-wheel drive is correct. For those who are willing to trade some space in the rear of the vehicle for the choice of better handling overall, the option will be there.