Test Your Sperm Count With A New Mobile App

Test Your Sperm Count With A New Mobile App
Image source: YoSpermTest Screenshot

According to the American Academy of Reproductive Medicine, low sperm count accounts for up to 40% of fertility problems in couples trying to conceive. Therefore, it’s important for men that are interested in having children to recognize any issues in order to correct the issue with their doctor. Previously, getting an accurate sperm count meant going into a doctor’s office to provide a sample. A new app called YO Home Sperm Test is now available, however, and turns your smartphone to an at-home testing device.

Testing Sperm Count

The YO Home Sperm Test lets men obtain a sperm count using a device available on amazon for around $60. The application functions by attaching to your phone’s camera and turning it into a makeshift microscope, allowing you to take an accurate sperm count and get an idea of your reproductive health. The microscope isn’t very high tech, but it serves its purpose in letting men obtain a sperm count without heading down to the clinic.

Similar to the process in a clinic, men are instructed to ejaculate into a cup. A liquefying powder is then stirred in, and the concoction is set to rest for 10 minutes. The liquid should turn a shade of pink when it is done processing, and a pipette is then used to transfer a drop of semen to a slide – which is then attached to the YO clip on your phone.

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