Android Phone Makers: We Never Slow Down Old Phones Like Apple Inc.

Android Phone Makers: We Never Slow Down Old Phones Like Apple Inc.
EugenioOrtega / Pixabay

Apple has been at the receiving end even since it admitted to slowing down iPhones to compensate for the aging batteries. Taking a lesson from Apple’s plight and to avoid any problem that may occur in the future, Android phone makers now are coming forward with statements that they do not follow similar practices.

Android phone makers deny doing such thing

All major Android phone makers including Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola have made statements that they never throttle their phone’s processor speeds as the batteries get older.

Both HTC and Motorola, in an email to The Verge, denied doing such things. In their email, HTC spokesperson noted that slowing phone down as their battery ages “is not something we do.” While, a Motorola spokesperson said, “We do not throttle CPU performance based on older batteries.” LG also issued a small statement, condemning such things. “Never have, never will! We care what our customers think,” the company said in an email to PhoneArena.

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Samsung, the biggest Android phone maker, issued a bigger statement, saying the