Ray Dalio on Meaningful Work, Failure and Relationships

Ray Dalio on Meaningful Work, Failure and Relationships

Meaningful Work and Relationships Through Radical Truth and Transparency: A Conversation with Ray Dalio

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Ray Dalio believes that the most effective way to create meaningful work and meaningful relationships is through an idea meritocracy in which everyone speaks frankly and operations are open to scrutiny. That way, we can openly explore what is true -- including what's true about people's mistakes and weaknesses -- and can work through disagreements in an orderly way. This unique culture, operating for more than 40 years, has led Bridgewater to become the largest hedge fund firm in the world. Join Dalio to learn what inspired him to create a radically truthful and transparent culture, the challenges and benefits of this approach, and how it can be applied to other organizations.

He will be joined onstage by Robert Kegan, Harvard professor of psychology, who has studied Bridgewater extensively and is the author of the recently published book, "An Everyone Culture," which features Bridgewater and other organizations designed to help employees use errors and vulnerabilities as opportunities for personal and company growth.

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He’s also the author of the New York Times bestseller "Principles: Life and Work," and is known for the practical yet unconventional theory of economics he spells out in his video series "How the Economic Machine Works."

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