Galaxy S9 Size Is Smaller With Bigger Screen

Galaxy S9 Size Is Smaller With Bigger Screen
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The current trend in phones is for larger screens and minimal bezels. This allows the display to take up the majority of the front of the phone, without significantly increasing the size of already-gigantic phones. Samsung’s phones are no exception, and while the Galaxy S9 size won’t be a bigger, it will definitely have a bigger screen area.

Galaxy S9 Screen

A couple of weeks ago, news broke that Samsung was looking to increase the size of the screen for upcoming Galaxy S9 phones. The display is expected to take up to 90% of the phone’s front side, which will definitely be an improvement over the Galaxy S8’s design. While the bigger screen area had some anticipating an aspect ratio switch to 21:9, it’s looking like that’s not actually the case.

While the screen will look bigger, the Galaxy S9 size won’t actually be any bigger than the current S8 model. What sets the two phones apart is the reduced top and bottom bezels, resulting in a phone that’s almost entirely screen. While not larger in dimension, it will definitely look a lot bigger. According to GalaxyClub, the Galaxy S9 will retain the same aspect ratio of 18.5:9. With a similar screen to the Galaxy S8 and just appearing slightly bigger, Samsung provides customers an upgrade that capitalizes on the phone’s reputation as one of the best screens on the market. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with their top-notch display, but innovation in other areas is extremely important.

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