Galaxy S9 Plus Release Date Set For March [REPORT]

Galaxy S9 Plus Release Date Set For March [REPORT]
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The Galaxy S9 Plus release date is expected to be in March, according to the latest rumor. The rumor mill has picked up the pace at which it churns out unsubstantiated reports about what to expect from the handset.


Galaxy S9 Plus release date said to be in early March

We’re now hearing from Korean media outlet ET News that production on the Galaxy S9 Plus and its smaller counterpart, the S9, could begin as early as next week. If the report is true, it means that Samsung’s next S9 line-up will be entering production much earlier than the Galaxy S8 line-up did last year. ET News’ report does line up with what we’ve heard from other news sources as well.

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As has been common in recent years, Samsung is expected to reveal the S9 and S9 plus in late February at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company departed from its usual strategy of a reveal at the MWC last year with the Galaxy S8, but Bloomberg reported earlier this month that Samsung is returning to this strategy in 2018 with the S9 line-up and preparing for a Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus release date in March.

Galaxy S9 Plus release date earlier than S8’s release

If these rumors about the S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus release date are true, then it points to a shortening in the preorder period for Samsung’s phones. The South Korean electronics giant has been allowing for about a month’s time to preorder its flagship smartphones, so if the reported timings end up being accurate, then the preorder period could be shortened to one or two weeks.

It’s unclear why Samsung might shorten the preorder period, but we have been hearing recently that the company has been running ahead of schedule in terms of production and testing for the S9 line-up. In fact, there were rumors that the Galaxy S9 Plus release date could be as early as January with a reveal planned for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas rather than the MWC. However, Samsung downplayed that rumor.

Galaxy S9 Plus expected to have dual-lens camera

In addition to reports about the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus release date, we’re also receiving a flood of rumors about both phones’ expected specs. For example, Samsung is said to be planning to use a design that stacks the motherboards inside the S9 handsets, which would provide more room inside the phones, possibly to include a larger battery. We’re also hearing that the dual-lens camera could be reserved for the larger Galaxy S9 Plus, while its smaller counterpart is expected to have a standard camera.

According to BGR, there is a new indication about the expected differences between the S9 and S9 Plus. Previously, we had heard that Samsung was planning to boost the screen-to-body ratio by reducing the bezels at the bottom and top of the handset. However, we have heard more recently that Samsung changed this plan and instead ended up keeping the sizes of the bezels be the same as they were on the S8 last year.

BGR now reports that an image posted on SlashLeaks seems to support this. The image spotlights a USB-C flex cable which is purportedly in the design being used for the S9. The design of the phone internals leaves a cutout for the headphone jack, and we’ve been hearing recently that Samsung ended up keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack.

According to BGR, the reason so many handset makers are killing the headphone port is because including it at the top or bottom of a device keeps them from making the phone’s face be all screen. Indeed, at a time when handset makers are making devices thinner and thinner, space inside the handsets is becoming even more limited. That means millimeters count, so companies must prioritize space among a larger battery, all-display front, and the headphone jack.

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