16 Year Old Developer Releases App Bringing Apple iMessage To Android

16 Year Old Developer Releases App Bringing Apple iMessage To Android
JESHOOTS / Pixabay

One useful feature that iPhone includes that is absent in Android devices is the useful Apple iMessage functionality. Enabling easy and convenient communication between iOS devices, iMessage allows users convenient features like being able to see when your friend is typing, easily sharing pictures and video, and even cool perks likes sending cash through messaging. Until now, Android users have been left out in the cold when it comes to the functionality of iMessage, but Roman, a 16 year old app developer, has recently released an app called weMessage that brings the feature to Android devices.

Apple iMessage = weMessage

As mentioned above, weMessage brings the functionality and convenience of Apple iMessage technology to Android users. However, the app’s life may be short lived. Similar apps have released before, but in an effort to defend the integrity of their closed ecosystem, Apple has been pretty quick when it comes to shutting these programs down. However, this budding young developer hopes his situation will be different due to his commitment to continually updating his app to circumvent Apple’s efforts to lock him out.

In a post on reddit, Roman explained exactly how weMessage works to bring iMessage to Android:

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