New iMessage Scam Can Compromise Your Personal Information

iMessage Scam

The new iMessage scam may not be a threat to tech-savvy users, but might be to people who are not used to or acquainted with phishing or other threats.

The era of the internet, and technology in particular, have brought a lot of good things. Unfortunately, it has brought some bad things as well. One of those bad things is the new iMessage scam which, if it gets access to your Apple ID, can jeopardize your personal information. The scams have increased over the past few years, but not all people have experienced them. Although the iMessage scams are easy to spot by people who are already experienced with this kind of trickery, less tech-literate people may not find it as distinct and are in danger of falling foul to that type of fraud.

A situation like this is one of the main reasons why it is of fundamental importance to share and inform others when the new scams emerge, such as your parents, cousins, or grandparents, who might be exposed to the risk.

It is worth mentioning that iMessage scams, and other kinds of scams generally have experienced a vast change over the past few years. However, people who follow the news and have had experiences, similar to those you find in your Gmail trash, can readily recognize the scam attempt.

So what does the new iMessage scam look like? Basically, a user will receive an iMessage, supposedly sent by Apple, which says that the user’s AppleID is going to expire on the day the user received the message. The sender will leave a URL which encourages the user to re-activate his or her AppleID. Once you click the link, it will lead you to a replicated version of Apple’s site and prompt you to log in with your AppleID information. The saddening truth is that phishing works like this and if you fall foul to this kind of trickery, your personal information is exposed to risk. What is even more saddening is that a lot of people fall for these scams. However, anyone who is the slightest tech-savvy should know that the AppleID cannot expire.

Another way to recognize this scam from the legitimate is to check the URL, it doesn’t contain the elements Apple’s URL would normally point to and thus, doesn’t lead to Apple’s site. But, given that only experienced people can tell this is fake, it is important to spread the word about this persistent scam and find ways to get rid of it completely.

This is how the new iMessage scam looks in an iMessage app.

Make sure to spread the word about the new iMessage scam before some of your friends or family falls foul to it. Also, if you use an iPhone, make sure to be extra-careful.

How do you usually deal with this type of scam and other scam attempts in particular? Please leave a comment!

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