Windows Timeline And Sets To Land Soon For Insiders

Windows Timeline And Sets To Land Soon For Insiders
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A feature Microsoft management highlighted previously as forthcoming in Windows 10 is officially slated to be added to the next version of the OS for Windows Insiders. The Windows Timeline ushers in a new way of thinking about work, specifically, the order in which things are done so that it’s easier to get back to something you were doing a few hours ago. Microsoft also revealed something new that’s also coming soon for insiders, which it calls “Sets,” at least for now.

Microsoft announces roll-out of Windows Timeline

In an email to Windows Insiders, Microsoft EVP Terry Myerson announced that they’re preparing to roll out the Windows Timeline to Insiders. He noted that users are utilizing a host of applications, devices and platforms, and he hopes that the Timeline will make everything easier. They initially showed off Timeline at the Build conference earlier this year, and it basically incorporates a visual timeline into Windows 10. This allows users to jump back in time so that they can locate the files they’re trying to find more easily. The timeline will be placed in Task View.

According to Myerson, they’ve been hearing “strong interest” in this feature, so many Insiders are probably looking forward to the addition of the Timeline.

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Microsoft introduces Sets

In addition to the Windows Timeline, Myerson also introduced Sets, explaining that it’s designed to group items together because users “work on sets of things in fits and starts.” Sometimes users flip back and forth between playing and watching a game, while in the workplace, users might set things up on their desktop a particular way and then suddenly get pulled away to do something else. He said that Sets are aimed at these times when users have set everything up to get working on something but get pulled away at the last minute.

The Sets feature will be landing in the coming weeks in the Windows Insider Program. The experience is designed to make sure that “what belongs together stays together.” It’s designed to make it easier to find things and to work and create. Sets brings anything related to a particular task together, including webpages that are relevant, research documents, and applications and files. All these related items become connected and accessible in a single click. Microsoft hasn’t finalized the name yet though, so it could change before the final product is rolled out.

The company is also working to make Office, Windows and Edge more integrated and seamless. Between the Windows Timeline and the new Sets feature, Microsoft hopes to make it easier to look through everything you were just doing so you can get back to it faster.

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