Here Is How To Make Your iPhone X Look Transparent

Here Is How To Make Your iPhone X Look Transparent

The iPhone X has been stripped down to the bones by the iFixIt team, giving an in-depth look at what the inside of this flagship smartphone looks like – and it’s gorgeous! Who would have thought, that hiding beneath the beautiful OLED display of the iPhone X, is another picture of engineering perfection?

In fact, it looks so good on the inside, that people are looking to transform their device into a transparent iPhone X, so they can see it in all its glory every time they look at their phone!

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Thanks to the team at iFixIt, this is possible! They have captured images and turned them into two beautiful wallpapers, to transform your device into a transparent iPhone X, so every time you look at your device, it seems although you’re looking right through it, to see that glorious engineering.

The transparent iPhone X wallpapers come in two different options. One is the traditional image of all of the components, and the second is an x-ray of the iPhone X. Both look amazing. Personally, I prefer the traditional image as it really makes it look like your iPhone X has a transparent screen.

Transparent iPhone X Wallpaper

iFixIt have been making wallpapers like this for some time now, for various different smartphones and devices, but with the iPhone X having an almost edge to edge display, the transparent wallpaper looks so much more impressive.

Want A Transparent iPhone X? Here’s Where You Get It…

You can get the wallpapers for free from this blog post on the iFixIt website. The easiest way to install it is by visiting that page on your iPhone X, downloading the image directly onto your iPhone, and then navigating to your iPhone’s settings and then selecting the image to use as your wallpaper.

It works best in still mode, but it looks good in perspective mode too.

If you’ve got an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus and you want to get a transparent wallpaper, fear not, iFixIt say that they are going to be introducing transparent wallpapers for those devices in the very near future too! If you’ve got an older iPhone, then you can get the transparent wallpapers right now from the iFixIt website; they have them available for all models from the iPhone 5 up to the iPhone 7 Plus.

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