Here Is How To Get Home Button Back On Your iPhone X

The iPhone X recently hit the market, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. As with any smartphone release, it didn’t come without scrutiny, but most issues described by users have been minor, and fixable.

The iPhone X incorporates OLED technology on its display screen, and pioneers facial recognition technology. These are arguably the two marquee features starkly contrasting previous models, and they have been promoted accordingly. The Face ID feature has revolutionized phone unlocking, like the original iPhone changed the landscape of technology ten years ago. The OLED display is an elite feature, because it allows content that’s viewed on the screen to shine bright, with vivid colors and exceptional contrast.

Harking back to the minor issues experienced by users, one of these is the removal of the iPhone X Home Button. This is one of a few compromises with Apple’s first ‘all-screen’ phone, where previously the iPhone X Home Button was integrated with a Touch ID finger scanner. This has been replaced with the Face ID biometric solution, achieved by working a ‘notch’ cutout at the top of the device, which has also been the subject of scrutiny.

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For those who aren’t open to the concept of change, the iPhone X faced criticism, especially among those who hit a muscle memory wall. This was compounded by aspect ratio compatibility issues, which outraged those who believe ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. If you’re one of those individuals, I don’t blame you, and I bet you’re seeking a solution to get the iPhone X Home Button back. Well, guess what? Using the virtual solution outlined below, the home button will return to its rightful place!

  • -Go to Settings, General, Accessibility.
  • -Select Assistive Touch, and turn the switch on.
  • -Tap the ‘Customize top-level menu’ option, and press the minus sign until there is only one ‘Custom’ star icon left from the six options.
  • -In the ‘Custom’ icon, select ‘Home’ from the list of actions.
  • -Set ‘transparency level when the Home button is not active’ to 20%. By doing this, it won’t interfere with visual aspects when scrolling through apps.
  • -Hold the virtual Home key, and move it to the middle of the dock at the bottom of the iPhone X home screen.

You can now observe the home button for old time’s sake, contributing to the nostalgia of things, and alleviating the dreaded swipe-up movement. To unlock the phone, for now you’ll have to deal with the incredible Face ID scanner.

I hope you have found this article useful, and are now aware of a method for recovering the iPhone X Home Button. We are all creatures of comfort and familiarity, and by following the above steps, you’ll return to what you’re used too.

Thank you for reading this article, and if you have any queries, or would simply like to become a part of the conversation, please comment below and kick-start the discussion.