Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wish List: What To Expect


Although this smartphone will not appear for several months, Samsung fans are already assembling their ideal Galaxy Note 9 wish list. So here ValueWalk outlines what would appear among our personal desires for this important phablet.

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Galaxy Note 9 wish list

Fingerprint reader

Top of the Galaxy Note 9 wish list for us would be for Samsung to remove, or at least relocate, its fingerprint reader. This was placed in a notoriously awkward spot in the Galaxy Note 8 generation, and integrating the reader within the display would undoubtedly find favor with many Android fans.

Fortunately, there are already rumors circulating that Samsung will indeed instigate this move with the Galaxy Note 9, after it experienced logistical difficulties in achieving this previously.

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Flatscreen option

Another key item on our Galaxy Note 9 wish list is the inclusion of a flatscreen option. Yes, curved screen technology is undoubtedly great, but there are still some advantages of flatscreen variants as well. And offering consumers more choice is always advisable in a consumer electronics marketplace that is becoming increasingly diverse. Samsung needs to fend off affordable Android variants, and it could do this by being all things to all consumers when the Galaxy Note 9 is released.

Larger battery

Pretty much all smartphones would benefit from a larger battery, and as it is thus no surprise that this item finds itself on our Galaxy Note 9 wish list.

Although Samsung products have not been as criticized as their Apple rivals for delivering paltry battery life, the Galaxy Note 8 was a little disappointing in this department. Of course, this was understandable, as Samsung was taking a conservative approach to the battery in this device, following the absolutely disastrously exploding Galaxy Note 7; an occurrence that was ultimately attributed to the battery cell.

But a return to the higher-spec approach of previous releases would be appreciated with the Galaxy Note 9, and this can begin with the inclusion of a larger battery.

More compact unit

Meanwhile, as Samsung increases the size of the battery cell included in the phablet, our Galaxy Note 9 wish list also requests the size of the design to be shaved down. It should be possible for the next generation Samsung phablet to be a more compact unit, probably via the inclusion of a smaller motherboard.

And this would certainly please consumers and ensure that the device makes an aesthetic impact when it appears on the market next year.

Improved speakers

Let’s be honest…the speakers included in the Galaxy Note 8 are rather mediocre. While many users listen to music via headphones, and this is, of course, completely acceptable, it would still be worthwhile for Samsung to include much better speakers in the Galaxy Note 9.

Stereo speakers would be ideal, with the quality of sound reproduction vastly improved over previous releases in the series.

Beefed up camera

Another key item on our Galaxy Note 9 wish list – and it’s surely one that Samsung is considering very seriously – is the inclusion of a better camera. Already the rumor mill is suggesting that Samsung is tinkering with this technology, and there could be several ways in which the Galaxy Note 9 snapper improves on its predecessor.

Firstly, we would like to see the color accuracy of the Galaxy Note 9 camera improved in all situations, but particularly in darker shooting environments. This can be difficult to achieve with a smartphone, but Samsung has 12 months in order to work out how the perfect combination of lenses and software can achieve this aim.

Already there are rumors that the megapixel rating of the Galaxy Note 9 snapper could be increased quite considerably, with reports emerging that it will be a staggering 24-megapixel snapper. The Korean technology giant has already revealed new components for his smartphones, and these will apparently include a new 24-megapixel lens for the Galaxy Note series.

This would be something of a return to old habits for the Korean corporation, with its releases of some years ago having focused on massively impressive specifications. Samsung has frozen the megapixel rating of the Galaxy Note series in recent releases, but could be ready to increase it significantly once more.

Galaxy Note 9’s spen

Another item on our Galaxy Note 9 wish list is a revolutionary S Pen stylus, with this peripheral being critical to the identity of the Galaxy Note range. It could be argued that this is pretty much the last element of the phablet which distinguishes it from the Galaxy S series, and Samsung should deliver something outstanding when the Galaxy Note 9 is released.

One previous suggestion relating to this stylus is that it will include a speaker system that will really make the S Pen stand out from the crowd. And an interview with BJ Kang and Cue Kim of Samsung Electronics’ Global Product Planning Group, Mobile Communications Business, suggested that the Korean manufacturer is working on several new improvements for the S Pen.

“We are already considering how to approach the development of the next Note by evaluating the latest model and looking for ways to improve upon signature features like the S Pen. We will continue to keep users’ needs as our number one priority, and will innovate accordingly,” Kang commented.

4K display

This is another rather obvious item on any Galaxy Note 9 wish list, but surely Samsung will finally subside and deliver the 4K resolution screen that all Android fans have been waiting for. This would certainly provide the Galaxy Note range with a massive advantage over the Apple iPhone series, something that the Korean corporation clearly needs with Apple back on form following the release of the iPhone X.

With 4K resolution becoming more mainstream, and Samsung absolutely associated with outstanding screen technology, it is surely time for the Galaxy series to break is 4K virginity.

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  1. My Wish List for Samsung Galaxy Note9 would be;
    1. Larger Battery.
    2. Dual Front Facing Speakers.
    3. Onboard Storage Options of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.
    4. Under Screen Fingerprint Scanner.
    5. 5G
    6. All-In-1 3D Holographic Facial Recognition & 3D Holographic Iris Scanner.
    7. True World Phone.
    8. 8GB RAM.
    9. All BLOATWARE be Removable!
    10. Dual SIM & Micro SDXC Cards Slots.

  2. I actually own the note 8. It has plenty of memory. Because you can use a removable ad card to add 256 gb. The battery life is pretty good. But I too would like a removable battery. That is usually the first thing to wear out. Especially since the price of smart phones are going no where but up.I am satisfied with the note8. But that is my only real gripe

  3. I find it hard to believe that software/bloat and RAM management improvements aren’t at the top of the list. I was excited to the base options move from 16 to 32 to 64 GB sizes but the available space out of the box, even on the 64 GB variant is disappointing. That’s just my personal opinion though before anyone asks the highly irrelevant question of why isn’t 64 GB enough for me.

  4. It would be nice if Samsung would return to the removable battery. I had stopped buying the Note phone series after you cannot remove the battery, for the simple fact I don’t have time to be plugged up or sitting on a charger. It is so much easier for me to have multiple batteries and just pop up in the case replace the battery and be on my way. Had the Note 7 have a removable battery the company could have simply requested for consumers to remove the battery place it in a plastic bag and return the battery to the store for a replacement battery which would have been significantly less then a new phone. And although you can still get a Note 7 that has been reboxed as new or with the refurbished are designation, I know several people who liked their Note 7 a lot but refused to even consider getting a note 7 refurbished or even a Note 8. Go back to the removable battery it’s consumer-friendly. Oh and let’s not forget the most important of all. Nobody wants to pay $1,000 for a phone. That is ridiculous. If you have a loyal following of consumers that get every phone that you come out with there is a reason they enjoy your product they are proud to say that they have your product and they should not be raped financially because you want to be a company that offers the first $1,000 phone. And yes… As the saying goes if you have to ask how much it costs you can’t afford it, but I can afford it and I refuse to pay $1,000!

  5. Bring back the replaceable battery, practically everyone uses a phone case, we dont need a glass back. From zero to 100% in seconds.

  6. Flat screen: YES! More compact NO! Make it even a little bigger! 24 mp camera: way overdue.

    But about the s-pen…this has been a pet peeve of mine since my first notes. Great concept, but who can write with this tiny, little stick? The s-pen should be the size of a regular pen, or darn close, anyway. It could be done if the pen snapped into and rode along the very edge of the unit. Have the opposite end be an ink pen so people would use it for both electronic and paper applications. The ink cartridge could be half the length of the pen and Samsung could sell refills.

  7. how about a way to automatically turn the volume down at at certain time during sleeping hours. I have friends in other countries that send messages at their morning time but it’s too early for me. It would be nice that at the time I set muy alarm that it would also automatically turn the volume back to normal. Thank you

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