Will Apple Have More iPhone X Handsets In Stock Than Expected?

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The iPhone X is one of the most highly anticipated smartphone releases since Apple revolutionized the smartphone market in 2007. The product goes on sale this month, having been pre-ordered by millions of consumers across the globe who are eager to get their hands on the phone.

The iPhone X is priced at $999, marketed as a premium price for a premium phone. The handset incorporates facial recognition technology and an OLED screen, two tantalizing features which remain highly appealing. With OLED technology, the iPhone X is set to include the sharpest quality display screen yet, promoting vivid, sharp, contrasting colors.

The facial recognition feature, Face ID, has built significant speculation for the release, serving as a cool feature for locking and unlocking your iPhone. Users can also use Face ID to scan their face and transpose it onto emojis, using an app known as Animoji. The iPhone X has additional capabilities which exceed the iPhone 8, and it utilizes a sleek new design which is pleasing on the eye, and has been referred to as the future.

It was the hype surrounding these attributes that led to a frenzy of customers pre-ordering the iPhone X, and when rumors surfaced there could potentially be a shortage of iPhones in circulation, this whipped the public into a deeper state of hysteria. Whether there will be sufficient iPhone X walk in stock remains to be seen, but news recently surfaced there may be more stock than expected for walk-in customers.

This is great for those who felt frustrated at the prospect of not receiving the new iPhone promptly, creating a window of opportunity for prospective customers to form a line outside Apple stores and receive iPhone X walk in stock. Unfortunately, not everyone who queues up will get their hands on the iPhone X, and the news there will be more phones in store than expected will perhaps encourage longer lines across the globe.

With this being said, there is reason to believe most people who queue up will get their hands on the iPhone X walk in stock, and sources are quoted saying that some London stores have 500-1000 models, despite contrary belief of constrained supplies. Luckily, there will be a combination of reserved in-store pickups, and handsets which are available for public consumption on the day.

The chances are we’ll have a better indication with regards to iPhone X walk in stock over the next few days, and we can measure this by how many customers are left disappointed. Some cynics believe Apple overplayed talk surrounding a shortage of iPhone X handsets on the market, so that they’re later ready to explain disappointing sales numbers. This theory was dispelled by the company’s projection to break their all-time sales record, and with production improving week-by-week, we’re left to observe one of the biggest rollouts in technology history.

I hope you have found this article informative, and good luck getting your hands on the brand new iPhone! Hopefully they’ll be sufficient iPhone X walk in stock if you haven’t pre-ordered, and if you’d like to contribute anything to the conversation, be sure to comment below to get things moving!

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