Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 Revealed: Autumn Leaves Come To Mind

Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 Revealed: Autumn Leaves Come To Mind
PHOTO: Samsung Mobile Korea video

With the iPhone X hitting the market recently, consumers were excited to unpack the product and enjoy the advanced features on offer. Demand for the iPhone X was at an all time high, and with consumer expectations changing, Apple worked hard to deliver supreme quality. They certainly succeeded, and the iPhone X has been heralded for two great features, one of which is pioneering. The OLED display screen (previously incorporated by Samsung) creates a vibrant, colorful outlook with concise quality, and new facial recognition technology has changed the game.

With Face ID and other elite features, Samsung have brought development for their Samsung S9 model forward, attempting to prevent Apple gaining a dominant market share before it’s too late. Since November is a month that’s associated with falling leaves, this seems to have got Samsung inspired, who recently revealed a new color option for the Samsung S8 as a stopgap before the S9 specifications are released. This aesthetic feature has pleased consumers who like red, where they can tap into their primal instincts with the primary color.

News of the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 will at the least keep Samsung’s name in the media, and the picturesque YouTube commercial from Samsung Mobile Korea intriguingly unveils the handset. Though the front of the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 remains black, the backside of the phone has been transformed to a dark red. The video promotes the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 in a sophisticated fashion, and the scenes fittingly take place in a warm environment, with plenty of sweaters and long coats.

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It is evident from the commercial that the phone is being marketed for the current season, and Samsung may be onto a winner with this simple modification. Arriving in Korea soon, the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 contains an 8895 chipset, has 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, and an impressive 12MP camera. Though it’s difficult to compete with the iPhone X camera, the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 boasts an impressive camera to capture those all important moments.

Though it remains to be seen when the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 will arrive in the United States, the announcement has created a level of intrigue for new Samsung products, and they currently need all the help they can.

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