Black Friday 2017 Deals On Streaming Devices: Element Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV

Black Friday 2017 Deals On Streaming Devices: Element Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV

If you haven’t yet made the jump to streaming TV or you want to upgrade someone else’s TV (like your parents, perhaps) then the holiday shopping season is an excellent time to find a great deal. Check out these Black Friday 2017 deals on streaming devices.

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55-Inch Element 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

The first selection on this list of Black Friday 2017 deals on streaming devices is all-inclusive, which makes it easy for even those who aren’t very tech-savvy to stream all their favorite shows and movies. This Amazon Fire TV edition of the 55-inch Element 4K Ultra HD smart LED TV offers a totally seamless integration of streaming television directly on the screen instead of using a separate device to stream. The TV offers true-to-life UHD picture quality in more than 8 million pixels.

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The Fire TV experience is built right into the TV set, bringing tens of thousands of channels and apps right into the living room. The TV set also features Alexa and includes an Alexa Voice Remote. It’s the perfect streaming choice if you’re also ready to make the leap to 4K TV right along with the shift to streaming.

Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa

If you already own a 4K TV, then it’s probably not time for another new TV set right now, so the better option might be the all-new Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and HDR support. Older models of the Fire TV streaming devices do not all support 4K TV, so if you want the best picture available, the all-new model is best.

The all-new Fire TV includes HDMI output and plugs in using a microUSB port or an Amazon Ethernet Adapter. It comes with the Alexa Voice Remote for easy searching

Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you’re not ready to upgrade to a 4K TV and you don’t have one yet, you probably don’t need the all-new model, and you could get a better deal on one of the older models. Amazon is slashing the prices on some of them to clear out for the all-new Fire TV streaming devices. This older model still comes with an Alexa Voice Remote, or pair it with an Echo Dot so you can do even more with Alexa right in your own living room.

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