Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Great Power Comes With Great Responsibilities

Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Great Power Comes With Great Responsibilities
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Imagine being in a time period or with a technology where you could go back into an era couple of decades ago. This could be possible with a technology like a time machine which is just a friction or imagination for many of us. However, with the artificial intelligence, we are heading towards a similar period with such advancements about which, one could never think a few years back.


“Science has not yet mastered prophecy. We predict too much for the next year and yet far too little for the next ten.”

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These were the words of Neil Armstrong when he was delivering a speech to a joint session of Congress in 1969. This phenomenon has been raised at an extreme pace especially from past couple of years since the initial era of machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

The penetration of artificial intelligence could be witnessed in most living aspects of the society. However, in the overwhelmed excitement and beneficiaries, most of us have neglected the risks that came along simultaneously.

How Artificial Intelligence Could Enhance The Routine Life

Technology is moving at much faster pace than we could even imagine. The machine power presents just a decade ago is at extreme deficient as compared to the present one. Likewise, we could easily predict the level of development, artificial intelligence would bring to our routine life in upcoming years.

“Companies are embracing artificial intelligence and machine learning to meet their digital security requirements in response to a (some say “perceived”) lack of skilled human personnel. Assuming this trend continues, I’ll be curious to see what security looks like in the next 5-10 years. What functions will human IT security analysts perform in the future?” Says David Bisson Infosec journalist | Contributing Editor @gcluley, @TripwireInc

Cyborg Technology

Cyborg technology refers to the condition where human could work with robotic body parts. Most of the time, our body could be a blockade for the activities we perform. However, with the artificial intelligence, we will be able to reinforce ourselves with machinery such as computer and in return, we could get an enhanced form of our natural abilities.

Automated Vehicles

The term, self-driving cars is in the market since Google has started the research on it in 2009. Therefore, we will soon witness the beginning of such vehicles which wouldn’t require a driver to operate the car. However, still, it is believed that a driver must be there to ensure safety. This is due to the fact that the technology is still in a phase where it could astonish individuals but isn’t at the level of complete reliability.

Eliminating Job Hazards    

Most of the times, we witness some of the jobs which are extremely dangerous for the employees and individuals working there. For instance, bomb-disposing is a highly risked job and a robot could be really effective to carry out such activity.

According to BBC, “the term ‘bomb disposal robot’ is something of a misnomer, as they are not technically robots”.

“Bomb disposal robots cannot perform contextual decision-making or operate by themselves. Instead, bomb disposal robots are more accurately defined as drones, much like unmanned vehicles, as they are remotely controlled by a human operator from afar”.

However, jobs like welding that produces toxic substances could also be listed in some of the risky jobs.

Assistance To Disabled Or Elderly Ones

It is very common that a disabled person or an elderly individual needs physical support for which a machine is mostly used. However, some people have to rely on other family members and friends which restrict them in many ways.

For such situation, AI provides as an effective all time solution. These home robots could help individuals to perform routine tasks without being dependant on others.

Fears of Artificial Intelligence

The advancements in artificial intelligence are accelerated through the involvements of machine learning and deep learning techniques. For instance, use of deep neural networks, across disciplines including computer vision, natural language processing, and pattern recognition. Various achievements since previous year are confirming the real world applications of AI and its predicted pace.

However, the progress of artificial intelligence has already provoked fear among the experts and researchers.  “The risks brought about by near-term AI may turn out to be the same risks that are already inherent in our society. Automation through AI will increase productivity, but won’t improve our living conditions if we don’t move away from a labor/wage-based economy.” Dr. Joscha Bach claimed.

“It may also speed up pollution and resource exhaustion if we don’t manage to install meaningful regulations.”

It seems that we all are struggling hard to understand the potential reality, but excess information as with most of the digital world could make it difficult to construct an informed opinion. Along with that, a common fear explained by most of the AI researchers is that the technology could bring the financial and economic loss which could be short-term or maybe long-term too. However, a possible risk is mismanagement of AI especially by the industries that could revolutionize business through artificial intelligence if recruit properly along human resource.

Artificial intelligence could be a helpful resource if implemented intelligently and with a proper plan for further progress. Otherwise, an improper execution could encompass society with various perils including wider wealth distribution gaps and negative environmental consequences.

Parameters that could mitigate risks

The approach that could be a secret success to enhance user experience is explained by B2B marketing experts that could leverage businesses too. Artificial intelligence, being a relatively new concept in terms of implementation could be a bit complicated without a proper execution plan. Therefore, to extract the best out of AI some of the potential things must be remembered.

AI could be an active partner for the humans on the field which could be many folds better than an employee working alone. However, with just machine power or AI you couldn’t achieve higher goals as an intellectual plan requires human efficiency. For instance, a gun could simply be a passive extension of the hand, but a drone contributes as a distributive intelligence along with its operator.

Businesses need human power to establish friendly relationships with the customers as a robot could not interact or solve the customer issues regarding the product or company service. Therefore, it is best to recruit employees along with the AI assistance.

With all these parameters, businesses and organizations could greatly benefit themselves through an ever-growing market of artificial intelligence. Fortunately, we are in an era with an opportunity to access unprecedented powers of creation. Taking advantages of our natural intelligence and the extensions of intelligence we could progress at a really fast pace. But, a most important phenomenon with almost every technology is that it equips some major risks which could be evaded only through the appropriate planning.

However, an initial step should target small goals so, in case of loss, there is a chance to recover otherwise a success could boost your confidence for future big-wins.

Article by Zehra Ali

I am Zehra Ali, a cyber-security journalist and I have covered various news and blogs regarding IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and many others including the interviews from experts and extensive guides.

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