9 Simple Steps To Buy A Drone [INFOGRAPHIC]

9 Simple Steps To Buy A Drone [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you considering to start a company or small business about drones? Investing in this booming market can be the perfect move right now, since the industry is still growing and the opportunities from drones are just being discovered.

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However, don’t rush into the market just because lots of jobs are being created and seems like everyone is making big money here.

Before you put your hard-earned money into this, it would be convenient for you to know some of the key decisions and difficulties a regular drone consumer, especially a beginner, has to make before pulling the trigger and hit the order now button through a website.

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As business owners, the voice of the customer is always helpful to know that which the market is missing, the questions a consumer has that require an answer. Why? Because we can use this information to create competitive and unique products that are way too superior to those in the market right now.

So let’s get inside the head of a person who is looking for the best drones for beginners, and also the most affordable ones.

Here are the 9 steps a consumer needs to consider before buying a drone

Right now, the easiest opportunities in the drones’ market are in the low-ticket items, since the most expensive gadgets are ruled by the giant from China, DJI; followed by Zero Zero Robotics from China as well, and the American brand, 3DR.

Competing with these guys would require an enterprise effort, and that’s why I think the best way to enter the drones industry is to start from the bottom with the low end of the price spectrum, and climb your way up to the peak.

Thus, here are the 9 things a regular consumer needs to consider before buying a drone (which you will use to create a competitive product).

9 Simple Steps To Buy A Drone buying a drone drones for beginners

To sum up things here…

  1. The budget is an important aspect. New consumers are prone to purchase drones for or under $100 USD.
  2. Not all drones are created equal, so you may want to create a product that covers most of the basic needs of a new consumer.
  3. If your targeted market is in the US, it would be great to sell a drone which does not require registration by the FAA. Mini drones are a huge and expanding market right now.
  4. Most drones for beginners offer a 720p HD and built-in camera that can be used for recreational purposes. So this is an important thing to consider.
  5. The flight time is really the problem for most consumers, since most drones offer very limited flight times. That is why offering a definitive or partial solution to this problem will take you a long way with your customers.
  6. Every new pilot will crash, and when they do, they will require spare parts for their drone, so make sure you offer those as well.
  7. The most popular drones in the beginner market right now are the ready to fly (RTF) ones.
  8. When you put your product on sale, make sure it is super high quality, and that people (not you) say so. They are the ones buying the product, so their comments will be the lifeblood of your products. This is what will scale up or bury down your business.
  9. As the seller, make sure you offer a high quality product at a reasonable price, and you’ll be well on your way to develop your brand and establish a strong business.

Here is the 10th (and secret) step you want to take

There is just one small, tiny, and little detail we are missing here. It may be nothing but if you take this extra step, you’ll be miles ahead from the ones who stopped reading and rushed to start a small business.

Go and experience the process! Follow the 9 steps in the infographic and buy a drone to see for yourself how it works. Learn a bit about these gadgets by actually owning a few.

Thus you’ll be able to understand better to your consumer and you’ll establish a great connection with your customer (something one of the top 5 brands suffers from).

Last but not least, feel free to drop a line in the comments area and share your thoughts with us. Also, press the social buttons on this page to share this with others.

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