Robert F. Smith: Investment Philosophy, Mindset and Life (2017)

An interview with billionaire private equity investor and founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, Robert F. Smith. In this interview Robert discusses his early life and his mindset when he started his own business. Robert also talks about how he views business and technology and where there are investment opportunities.

Video Segments: 0:00 Introduction 0:54 Early life and getting involved in technology 4:20 Mindset when starting your own businesses? 7:36 What are the business most vulnerable to technology? 10:50 Are there moats around customer to customer businesses? 13:07 Lighting round Interview Date: 12th April, 2017 Event: Talks at GS Original Image Source: Investors Archive has videos of all the Investing/Business/Economic/Finance masters. Learn from their wisdom for free in one place.

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