How To Fix iMessage Problems On iPhone [Guide]

How To Fix iMessage Problems On iPhone [Guide]
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For what seem like a myriad of reasons, now and again the hardware or software built into your iPhone can fail. As such, today we’re going to take a look at iMessage problems, is yours not working correctly? The following tips will guide you through the various ways of how to get it working again.

iMessage Problems How To

As for what the reason behind this iMessage failure could be, there’s a chance you may never find out. However, commonly they can be traced to misconfigured settings, problems with Apple’s iMessage server. Or even just an outright failure of the software. Whatever, the reason, we can assure you there is a solution, read on to find out more.

iMessage Problems system status
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Server Be Down

Earlier this year, February 15, 2017, the iMessage server went down meaning no one could use the software. Now, this happens extremely rarely, so the chances of this being the cause of your iMessage problems are small. However, you can check to see if everything is up and running here.

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iMessage Problems set time date auto

Date and Time to Auto

This next tip may sound a little odd, although, it has proven to be effective for some iPhone users. Apparently setting your handset to update the time and date automatically can fix this problem.

Doing so is simple just follow these instructions: Go to Settings >> General >> Date & Time and then Set the Toggle Automatically switch to on/green. Followed by Rebooting your Handset and testing to see if the iMessage problems have gone.

iMessage Problems Airplane mode

Check Your Signal Strength

Another common reason for iMessage problems relates to signal strength. It’s entirely possible that your iPhone isn’t in a strong signal area. However, there is a way to try and remedy the issue, if you’re only getting a GPRS signal rather than an Edge, 3G, or 4G signal. And that involves Swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone screen, this will reveal quick access settings. Select Airplane Mode and after a say 10-seconds go back and Switch it Off.

This could fix the problem, although, alternatively you could reset your network settings. To do that go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings and then Reboot Your iPhone.

iMessage Problems on and off

Turn iMessage Off and On

Yet another method of fixing iMessage Problems is to switch it off and on again. This has without knowing the issue in the first place worked for many.

To start with go to Settings >> Messages and then Turn Off iMessage. Next Reboot your Device and make sure you have an Active Internet Connection. Followed by Switching On iMessage again.

Restore From Backup

This following tip assumes that you have an iCloud backup of all your handsets content, meaning it can be recovered. Now, this may sound drastic, but, if you haven’t backed up, do it now. Go to Settings >> iCloud >> Backup >> Back Up Now.

Once the backup is complete, you should be safe to delete all the data on your handset. To do that go to Settings >> General >> Erase All Content and Settings. Followed by selecting Restore From BackUp in the initial setup phase.

Update iOS

The above five methods should fix your iMessage problems; however, if they don’t you could always try updating to a new version of iOS. The problem with this, however, is that the handset should have notified you if a new version is ready. Although you can go to Settings >> General >> Software Update >> Tap on Download and Install.

iPhone – Final Thoughts

And that’s it the above 6-methods should fix your iMessage issues, as they have proven to be useful for others. We hope you found this article useful. But, if none of the above worked, please tell us about your problem in the comments section below. And we will get back to you with help asap.

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