Indo-US Obnoxious Stance On CPEC: A Critical Appraisal

Indo-US Obnoxious Stance On CPEC: A Critical Appraisal
By Government of Pakistan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Since  the beginning of work on China Pakistan Economic Corridor project (CPEC),  India is quite open in opposing this mega Project and now the US has also shown its weight behind India by saying that it too believes the route of corridor passes through a disputed territory — a reference to Northern areas of Pakistan. The statement has come at a time when Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif was in Washington and held series of talks with the US officials to normalize the tense relations. This new stance has started another debate and is undoubtedly going to further damage the bilateral ties, as it is profusely obvious now that US envision a greater role for India in the region. Pakistan and China are working on the economic cooperative initiative is backed by the UN and several other countries of the world adding it is not directed against any third party.

The Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan makes the two countries traditionally alert against any possibility of large scale foreign investment coming into the region instead of any alleged political intent behind the foreign investment. India should focus on its negations with Pakistan to resolve this conflict as a solution to concern on CPEC.

It is pertinent to discuss here that the northern part of India bordering Pakistan and Indian Held Kashmir both lack basic infrastructure.

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