Galaxy S9 3D Camera To Imitate iPhone X Snapper

Galaxy S9 3D Camera To Imitate iPhone X Snapper
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The latest reports on the forthcoming Samsung product range suggest that there will be a Galaxy S9 3D camera. It seems that this is new feature of the flagship handset from the Korean corporation will quite strongly borrow from the recent Apple iPhone X. The 3D snapper included in the yet to be released Apple mobile is undoubtedly a standout feature of the device

And the latest whispers from Korea indicate that Samsung will essentially copy this major facet of the iPhone X when the Galaxy S9 is released. The Galaxy S9 camera will attempt to imitate the TrueDepth feature from the iPhone X, which enables 3D facial recognition to be carried out in the shape of Face ID. Although Apple seemingly remains committed to Touch ID for the time being, it has also explicitly stated that Face ID is the future of biometrics for the iPhone range.

Clearly Samsung feels a need to directly respond to this with the Galaxy series, and thus the Galaxy S9 3D camera will launch the concept in 2018. It seems inevitable that a similar unit will follow in the flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 9, later in the year.

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