15 Hidden Features In iOS 11

15 Hidden Features In iOS 11

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the major software update for its operating system. With iOS 11 update, many features were disclosed. However, some were still left for the users to discover. Here are 15 hidden features in iOS 11!

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  1. Drag and drop text

We often make typos or replace words. In iOS 11, you are allowed to highlight a word you want to move to the other part of the sentence, and then drag and drop it to the part of the sentence that you want. This feature works on the iPhone and only within the same app or document.

  1. Controlling Control Center

As many of you can see, control center was revamped for iOS 11. That being said, all settings are available to the user in one page. Still, this resulted in some controls being much smaller and harder to tap on, making it a little annoying for users with larger fingers.

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  1. Customizing Control Center

The revamped control center allows the users to launch apps that they added themselves. Still, Apple allows only native apps and new iOS features to have this privilege. It will take some time until downloadable apps make their appearance in a customizing control center.

15 Hidden Features In iOS 11

  1. Do not disturb mode for drivers

When distracted, drivers can easily get into a car accident. To prevent this, Apple added a Do not disturb mode for drivers. Your device will intelligently figure out when you are driving and suggest you to enable “do not disturb while driving” mode automatically.

15 Hidden Features In iOS 11

  1. Emergency Mode

In case of emergency, this feature is activated when you press sleep/wake button five times. When the iPhone X comes out, a long press on sleep/wake button and the volume button will activate the Emergency mode. Aside from deactivating Touch ID and Face ID, this feature will help you call 911 from its “Emergency Mode” screen.

15 Hidden Features In iOS 11

  1. Draw inside the e-mail

If you want to scribble inside the e-mail, long-press and then choose “Insert Drawing” from a pop-up menu.

  1. Screen recording feature

Add a custom shortcut to control center in order to record your screen. After you finished recording, your device will save the movie file in the gallery.

15 Hidden Features In iOS 11

  1. New Volume Slider

Have you ever been annoyed when trying to increase the volume of the video you are watching and your volume slider takes over one-third of the screen? Apple finally heard our cries and moved the volume slider to the corner of the screen. Now you are allowed to change the volume while watching videos uninterruptedly.

  1. Apple maps stepped up their game

Apple is trying to update its Apple maps to be more like Google Maps. The software upgrade brought restaurants, malls, and airports to the Apple maps. It even allows you to access through different floors in a mall.

15 Hidden Features In iOS 11

  1. New Apple Music

Apple music will now guide you through various setting and allow you to set up your profile and privacy settings. Now you can tap on your profile icon to find the For You tab to access this information.

  1. No more talking to Siri

If you would rather type to Siri than voice chat, you can do that by going to settings, tap General, tap Accessibilities and toggle Type to Siri to be on.

15 Hidden Features In iOS 11

  1. Photo format options

As you may know, Apple introduced a new image format to reduce the storage loss. However, if you are running into compatibilities issues with Windows 10, One Drive, or other apps, Apple allows you to roll back these changes to the old format.

  1. Forget recent apps

One of the hidden features in iOS 11 is to enable your device to forget recently used apps. Basically, app dock will display recently used apps that if you don’t want to check, you can disable the setting.

  1. New keyboard

You can use a new, one-handed keyboard on your iPhone. You can either activate it by navigating to Settings and General, tap keyboards, tap one-handed keyboard or long-press on the emoji or globe icon that is located on your keyboard. Also, you can choose between right- and left-handed keyboard.

  1. Viewing Old Messages

If you swipe down from the top of the screen, you can access your notifications. Now you can do the same on the Lock Screen. This way you access a couple of notifications, although you can swipe more to access the older notifications and messages

Did you discover more hidden features in iOS 11? Let us know!

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