Will Your Favorite Apps Work On iOS 11? Here’s How To Check

Will Your Favorite Apps Work On iOS 11? Here’s How To Check

The iOS 11 update is on deck and ready to go for iOS users around the world. By time you get around to reading this, the update may already be out. There are a lot of great new features packed into the new iOS update which is why so many people have been eagerly awaiting the full, public release of iOS 11. However, some of you may be asking if your favorite apps work on iOS 11. Well, Apple has made it easy for you to find that information.

Some Twitter users have pointed out that there is a section within iOS that allows you to prepare for the update and see which apps will be incompatible with the newest iOS 11 version. I think it was smart of Apple to include this rather than have some people be surprised with which apps work on iOS 11 after they have already done the update.

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If you want to see if your apps work on iOS 11 before updating to the newest version then here’s what to do:

  1. Go into the stock “Settings” app.
  2. Tap “General.”
  3. Now tap “About.”
  4. Finally, press the section that says “Applications.”

This process may provide you a list of apps that Apple says could slow down or cease to work in iOS 11. Why would certain apps slow down or stop working after the update? In iOS 11 you will only be able to use 64-bit apps. Any old apps that have not been updated from 32-bit versions will simply not work. Kodi is like this and we outlined a fix for iOS 11 users.

There is also a question of optimization. Apple simply wants you to know which apps are not optimized for iOS 11. This doesn’t necessarily mean these apps won’t operate but they may be slow, buggy, or crash. Before you make the update to iOS 11, check this list and see if any of your most-used apps are on the list. Then, you may want to contact the developer to see if a new version is coming soon. Perhaps they have an update schedule for later this week and you will only have to deal with the situation for a few days. If they have no plans and you absolutely need that app then you may want to look for an alternative app or hold off on updating to iOS 11 right away.

There you have it! A quick way to check if your favorite apps work on iOS 11. Make sure to take a moment to review the list of apps that may have compatibility issues before you pull the trigger on updating. If you don’t see any apps listed when you follow the above procedure then that means all of your apps work on iOS 11 and you have nothing to worry about. Update with confidence!

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