How To Feature Yourself As A Team Member / Owner On Facebook Page

How To Feature Yourself As A Team Member / Owner On Facebook Page

Many small and medium businesses have grown vastly thanks to Facebook marketing. Facebook offers versatility in promoting your business. You can share new deals with the public, promote your blog posts and videos and even sell your products and services. Whether you own a fan page for a celebrity or are running a Facebook page for your business, the platform is constantly growing feature-wise and becoming a consistent marketplace. This article elaborates how to feature yourself as a team member or owner on Facebook Page and highlights the benefits of doing that.

Features are constantly being added to Facebook, and now it is possible to feature a team member or yourself (if you are the owner of the Page) in the description. This feature has already made its debut once. However, it was pulled back.

Some Facebook Page users, perhaps, remember that they could add their Facebook profiles in the description of the Page in the “Information” tab. Now the feature has returned a couple of months later, so many Page owners will synchronize their Facebook profiles with their native Facebook Page for many reasons.

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To find the “Team Member” section, go to the “About Page” section on your Facebook page and under the description of the page, you will find it. This option offers details to everyone who wants to see who is posting on the Page as well.

If you are the Page’s administrator, you can either add or remove the people you made team members. When you add yourself or other people who manage the Page, under the profile picture on your profile, it will say that you are managing [Page Name].

Benefits of featuring a team member/ owner on Facebook Page

While some people can promote themselves this way, others want to make contacting the owner as simple as possible. That way, consumers can get a prompt response about the product or services they are looking for. If you own a blog with a whole team of writers and editors, revealing them to your Facebook audience can seem like a good idea.

Problems with featuring team member / owner on Facebook Page

Some business owners and Page administrators in particular prefer to preserve their privacy. By adding your profile to the list of team members, the page you own or manage will be displayed on your profile. This is the only drawback of this feature because it can cause some mindless followers spam your profile. However, you can always add or remove team members.

Feature Team Member/Owner On Facebook Page

How to feature team member / owner on Facebook Page

  1. Go to the “About page” section on your Facebook Page’s Profile.
  2. Click “Add yourself as a team ”
  3. “Go to your profile and click “Add pages that you… ”

Did you try featuring your team member or yourself on a Facebook page? How did it go for you and your business?

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