This iOS 11 AR App Can Measure The Area Of A Room

We’re starting to see more and more demonstrations of what apps will be able to do using the augmented reality features that are coming with iOS 11 via Apple’s new software development kit. Now we’re seeing a new iOS 11 AR app that can easily measure the area of a room.

@SmartPicture3D: the latest iOS 11 AR app

This app is called @SmartPicture3D, and it simply measures distances between several points and then calculating the area of that space. This iOS 11 AR app goes beyond others that have already demonstrated the ability to measure a single length linearly. Instead, it measures multiple linear lengths and then goes another step to calculate the area.

In a video, the developers of @SmartPicture3D demonstrate how it can be used to find the area of a kitchen. It shows how they draw a line around the room, tracing the edges where the walls meet the floor. As each length is drawn, the app automatically measures it. It even cuts out odd corners, including an angled door that would make for a difficult time if you were measuring it yourself and had to calculate the area.

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iOS 11 AR apps made with ARKit

Clearly, developers are having fun experimenting with Apple’s ARKit to see what it can do. In fact, there’s a whole YouTube channel dedicated to apps from developers that used ARKit to create augmented reality apps for use in iOS 11. The channel has brought us a variety of different apps, including SmartPicture and many others.

In addition to apps, developers have posted videos of interesting effects on the channel as well. One video shows a robot dancing in someone’s living room, while another shows a recreation of a moon landing in someone’s living room.

When Apple finally rolls out iOS 11 to the masses, the App Store will probably be filled with apps that were built using ARKit. Some, like the @SmartPicture3D one above, will offer help with something that seems so simple but yet makes life a lot easier. IKEA is also working on an iOS 11 AR app that enables people to try out virtual furniture in their homes, and there will probably be many more apps previewed between now and the fall release of iOS 11.