Untethered iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak Coming Soon Says Creator

Untethered iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak Coming Soon Says Creator
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Well that was quick! Right after the Phoenix V3 iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak was released, the creator came out on Twitter to announce an untethered jailbreak was coming soon. The current solution, while awesome, is not untethered. Rather, it’s more of a semi-tethered jailbreak. Basically what that means is the jailbreak needs to be run again every time the device is rebooted and every 7 days, regardless of reboot. Not exactly the most inconvenient solution but also not perfect.

Now it sounds like the imperfect solution was just a temporary one meant to satisfy the jailbreaking community until the creator, @pr0x13 on Twitter, could complete the untethered version. If you don’t jailbreak your device then this news likely doesn’t mean much to you. However, the jailbreaking community seems to be reacting very positively to the idea of an untethered iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak coming soon.

We discussed all of the challenges faced by jailbreakers and the community in a previous article. At one point it was estimated that over 10% of all iPhones on the market were jailbroken. That is not the case anymore. Hackers are having trouble finding new ways to break through Apple’s security. It’s a cat and mouse game that, at one point, felt like Apple was the one doing the chasing. Now, it seems like hackers are trying to keep up with the increasingly limited number of vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS code.

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Plus, the market for jailbreaking has changed drastically since the glory days of the late 2000’s. Hackers used to release their exploits and tools for free for the public to use. Now, an exploit in iOS is much more valuable being sold on the private market to security firms. Some hackers make a million dollars by selling one exploit. Hard to turn down a million dollars when the alternative is to release the exploit for free on the internet.

There is also the fact that jailbreaking just isn’t necessary like it once was. Remember when you had to jailbreak your iPhone just to change your wallpaper? These days, all those features we jailbroke our iPhones for are included in the software directly from Apple. With every iOS update there are fewer and fewer reasons to jailbreak.

Still, for the small and dedicated jailbreaking community, this iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak is a welcome summer surprise. The fact that an untethered iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak is coming soon is just the cherry on top.

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