How To Print From An Apple iPhone To A Wireless Printer

How To Print From An Apple iPhone To A Wireless Printer
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With all the advancements in technology, more and more devices are becoming multitasking machines. The introduction of the Apple iPhone, for instance, revolutionized the world of mobile phones by giving everyone a small, multimedia wonder that allowed you to make calls, text, play games, watch movies, update social media sites and even connect to a wireless printer.

Printing from an Apple iPhone is simple, quick and easy, thanks to an lot of third party applications out there that let you connect wirelessly to a printer of your choice. Below are some practical steps and the best applications that you can use to help you print from your iPhone to a wireless printer.

1. Try PrintMagic for the Apple iPhone

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This affordable third party application lets you print photos and documents on any wireless printer that supports Page Description Language (PDL) “data stream.” To make sure that your PrintMagic supports your printer, it’s best to download the free trial version first This handy app allows your iPhone to connect to a supported printer via WiFi. To print text and web pages, all you have to do is copy and paste the text or the URL (for web pages) on the clipboard, start the application, then print. Photos, meanwhile, can be printed directly from your media library. You can’t print email attachments or documents, but at least creating printouts of your snapshots is quick and painless.

2. Use HP’s iPrint Photo

Released by HP in 2008, this free application is a handy tool that allows you to print 4 x 6-inch photos from your iPhone to any compatible HP printer connected to a WiFi network. Since HP’s Print Photo is free, don’t expect much in the way of features. It only allows you to print 4 x 6-inch photos, so if you want to print web pages, documents, text or larger photos, you would have to go the old route of transferring files to a computer before printing it on your HP printer.

3. Download and install Print from EuroSmartz on your Apple iPhone

The most versatile printing application to date, EuroSmartz’s Print lets you print photos, web pages, documents and contacts over both cellular and WiFi networks. The company’s latest product, aptly named Print & Share, can even allow you to print emails, which you should access directly from the application itself. It also comes cheap, at only $2.33.

4. Try using Air Photo on your iPhone

Air Photo is one of the latest applications that allow you to print wirelessly from your iPhone. For only $1.99, this app lets you send photos directly to a printer via a WiFi network. The Bonjour application is launched when you connect to the server from your iPhone. You can then edit or crop your pictures here before printing them out. How’s that for ease and usability? Need a wireless printer?

5. Go for Avatron’s Air Sharing Pro if you want to do more than just print wirelessly

This slightly costly application ($9.99) is a multi-tasking program of sorts, letting you transfer and share files, view documents (including PDF files) and even email and access remote volumes. It also allows you, as an additional feature, to print photos, text and PDF files stored in your iDisk. It doesn’t allow for direct printing from Safari, Notes or your camera roll, though.

Now you have it-five handy and practical Apple iPhone applications that can help you print wirelessly over a network Go for iPrint Photo if you use an HP Printer (since it’s free), but if you want more versatility, then chose Avatron’s Air Sharing Pro. With the next generation iPhone in the horizon, though, maybe we’ll finally see a built-in printing feature that will make it easier for all iPhone users to print photos, text, web pages and documents.

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