Intel Officially Introduces Ice Lake, Another 10nm Chip

Intel Officially Introduces Ice Lake, Another 10nm Chip
blickpixel / Pixabay

Intel has revealed a successor to the eighth-generation Intel Core processor family, Ice Lake, that will be made using the 10nm+ process. It’s an interesting development, as next week the chip maker is planning to release its eighth-generation Core processors.

Intel Ice Lake comes as a surprise

AnandTech reports that the announcement related to Intel Ice Lake comes as a surprise because the chip maker did not reveal anything about Cannon Lake, the first chips that will be built on the 10nm nanometer architecture. Further, Ice Lake is being projected as the successor of the soon-to-be-announced 14-nanometer Coffee Lake chips, which raises a question about the upcoming processor lineup and how Cannon Lake fits in.

The Intel Ice Lake “processor family is a successor to the 8th generation Intel(R) CoreTM processor family. These processors utilize Intel’s industry-leading 10 nm+ process technology,” says Intel’s website.

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There are possibilities that the technology deployed to manufacture Ice Lake will slightly lose ground against the 14nm++ process in terms of transistor performance. However, Intel will surely find a way to improve the performance and features of Ice Lake against its predecessors, notes The Motley Fool.

As Intel talks about its Ice Lake chips, it seems to be ahead of its roadmap. For now, the company will launch Coffee Lake, followed by Can