Some Users Are Experiencing Android O Bluetooth Audio Issue

Android O was officially announced earlier this week and it seems to be off to a bit of a rough start. A pretty significant number of users have been experiencing an Android O Bluetooth audio issue. There have been threads and posts popping up on the official Nexus and Pixel forums as well as sites like Reddit. To their credit, Google is not ignoring the issue or sweeping it under the rug. They are asking for very specific information about device model, Bluetooth headphone or speaker model, and more; all to try and pin down what is exactly causing the issue.

Some users have reported serious issues like an inability to connect to Bluetooth devices that they used with Nougat. Other users have reported more minor issues like song information no longer being displayed on their car stereo. A lot of the issues seem to stem from users who are using Android Auto. It remains to be seen if the use of Android Auto is merely a coincidence or if Android Auto is having trouble working with some new Bluetooth code and causing the Android O Bluetooth audio issue.

Obviously this is a pretty big inconvenience for those in the Android Beta Program. This is especially true when operating a vehicle. Safety should always be your number one concern while driving and Bluetooth allows us to leave our phones in our pockets while still enjoying music and phone calls while we drive. Without Bluetooth, some people may be tempted to use their device while driving. Obviously, many jurisdictions have set up laws against this and, “My Bluetooth stopped working,” isn’t a valid excuse (trust me, I tried that one before). For those that have long commutes or travel a lot for business – this could prove to be a pretty big deal.

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With all of that said; this is what beta testing is for. Manufacturers need to discover these issues before they make a full public release. I imagine that Google will have this issue resolved by time they push out Android O to all devices. This is also why I always mention in any beta update article that you should not download the beta if you can’t handle some bugs here and there. Getting the latest software is nice but if you rely on your device as a daily driver and you can’t deal with bugs like this Android O Bluetooth audio issue then you should wait for the full release.

For those of you that are in the beta program, have any of you experienced the Android O Bluetooth audio issue? Is it with certain devices? Is it just in your car? Comment below and let us know your own personal experience.