Walt Mossberg On Why He Chose To Retire Earlier This Month

Walter MossbergImage source: Charlie Ross Video Screenshot

Walt Mossberg discusses his career as a technology columnist and why he chose to retire earlier this month.

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00:00 Charlie Rose: Walt Mossberg is here, the influential personal technology columnist retired this month. He first pitched his column to "The Wall Street Journal" in 1991, predicting the rise of personal computing. Mossberg was an early advocate for non-techies and criticized products that were overly complex. His tech reviews were often unsparing and at times prompted companies to modify their designs. He came to be widely revered by the tech community, interviewing titans like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. In 2004, a profile of Mossberg and "Wired" magazine called him "The Kingmaker." I am pleased to have him back at this table. Welcome.

00:37 Walt Mossberg: I'm glad to be here.

00:39 Charlie Rose: Retired.

00:40 Walt Mossberg: Retired.

00:41 Charlie Rose: When you the hear that word, does it fit?

00:44 Walt Mossberg: Well, it depends who you're talking about. I feel very comfortable with it. I really think of it, and I explained this when I announced it, as a reinvention, and that's not some kind of a rhetorical dodge. I think every so often you have to reinvent yourself. And so when I say I'm retiring, it means I'm not going to have a regular job, but I'm not going to stop doing things.

01:08Charlie Rose: Right.

01:09Walt Mossberg: I'm going to do some different things.


Article by Charlie Ross, read the full transcript here.


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