All Black BlackBerry KEYone May Be Available Soon… In One Market

All Black BlackBerry KEYone May Be Available Soon… In One Market
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An all black BlackBerry KEYone could be landing soon, giving the brand’s fans a second option in terms of colors, as the only model that’s currently available is black with grey sides and a grey top. However, it might not be available in all markets, if recent rumors are to be believed. Photos of the all black BlackBerry KEYone have apparently been leaked on a retail site.

Is this just a prototype model?

But don’t get your hopes up yet if you’re in North America or most other parts of the world, as it sounds like China might be the only market to get the all black BlackBery KEYone, if these photos are real. Chinese-language website Berrylink spotted the handset on a secondhand trading platform, according to Google’s translation of the post that features the photos of the phone.

Because it was on a “second-hand trading platform in China” (as Google translates it), we can deduce two possibilities. One is that the phone is a prototype, and in fact, Berrylink seems to suggest this, according to the translation, which describes the all black BlackBerry KEYone as possibly being an “engineering testing machine.”

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So if this device is only a prototype, then there may never be an all black BlackBerry KEYone for sale widely because this could be a one-time thing.

All black BlackBerry KEYone coming soon to China?

The other clue we have here is that the all black version of the phone might only be available in China, given that it has appeared on a Chinese-language platform. It isn’t up for sale there just yet, but it’s expected to land there very soon. Perhaps, the Chinese will get a choice between all black and black with grey trim, or they may have only the all black model available.

According to the sale listing for the all black BlackBerry KEYone, the device has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, which matches the standard KEYone handset that’s available in other parts of the world. The KEYone also sports BlackBerry’s trademark QWERTY keyboard.

Rumors about the KEYone for China

Last week it was reported that the China version of the KEYone would indeed be all black, and supposedly, the phone would receive an upgrade to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of built-in storage. However, the sale listing that was spotted more recently seems to indicate that there will not be a spec update for the China version of the handset.

Whatever happens with the specs of the BlackBerry KEYone that’s set for launch in China, there are rumors that it’s landing in the country early next month, so Chinese fans might not have much longer to wait. The phone came to the first U.S. carrier earlier this month when Sprint began offering it, so we’re still very much in the early days of the phone’s life.

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