Kenneth Griffin: Investment Strategy, Hedge Funds and Government

Published on Jun 3, 2017

An interview with billionaire and the and founder and CEO of investment firm Citadel, Kenneth Griffin. In this interview Kenneth discusses how he invests at Citadel and how he delivers excess returns. Kenneth also talks about the new administration under Donald Trump and how deregulation will create more innovation.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Why is the Hedge Fund industry shrinking?
1:04 Why is it so hard to generate excess returns?
2:14 Are you offensive or defensive?
2:52 What investment strategies will be the most successful in the current markets?
4:28 When the shake out of Hedge Funds happens, what will it look like?
5:20 How large are the opportunities for Citadel?
6:37 Concerns of new administration on removing regulation?
9:23 Would you be in favour of the breakup of big banks?
10:52 What is next for Citadel?
12:12 Will quantitative investing become a bigger part of your firm?
12:44 Will AI displace people in asset management?
14:13 Are you interested in private credit?
15:11 Focus on liquid markets
15:40 What's it like at Citadel?
16:40 Who fits in at Citadel and why?
17:41 What concerns you most about the US?
19:03 Do you have confidence in the new government?

Interview Date: 1st May, 2017
Event: Milken Institute Global Conference
Original Image Source: