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Jeffrey Ubben At Milken – Activist Investors: Unlocking Value Milken Institute

Published on Jun 26, 2017

Justin Baer, Writer, The Wall Street Journal

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Here's How To Zero-In On The Alpha Hidden In 13D Activist Filings
Alex Denner, Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner, Sarissa Capital
Ana Marshall, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Ronald O'Hanley, President and CEO, State Street Global Advisors; Vice Chairman, State Street
Alex Roepers, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Atlantic Investment Management
Jeffrey Ubben, Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, ValueAct Capital
With valuations for a number of industries considered stretched, many industry observers are wondering if tax reform, repatriation of overseas capital and deregulation can help spur a new wave of campaigns. This panel of seasoned veterans will discuss the nuanced activist strategies that make up the universe and which are most likely to unlock value. Potential Questions:
Soc Gen: Active Managers Might Be Responsible For Rise of Passive AUM
How are allocators factoring activist strategies into their portfolio?
Is the trend of going public with a campaign taking a back seat to more friendly and long-term efforts to create value?
What are the different toolkits that activists have at their disposal and how do they create an alignment of interest with their investors and management?

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