Twitter Adds Filter For Direct Messages Sent By Strangers

Twitter Adds Filter For Direct Messages Sent By Strangers
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Twitter has changed how it shows direct messages you receive from someone you don’t know. Users who have enabled the option to receive direct messages from people they don’t follow will now see them marked as “requests” on the “Messages” tab.

Twitter lets users review direct messages

The change moves messages sent by people you don’t know into a separate inbox so that they aren’t mixed in with those sent by people you do know. It also mirrors what Facebook does by separating messages that were sent by friends from those that were sent by people you haven’t friended yet.

Twitter explains how the new direct messages function on its support pages. Users will find the new “Requests” inbox on the “Messages” tab. It will include not only messages from people you don’t follow but also new group conversations you were added to by people you don’t follow. Upon entering the conversation, you can choose to delete or accept the message. If you choose to accept the message, you will then be able to engage with the other user, and it will move the direct message to your main inbox.

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Twitter clarified that the sender won’t know that you have seen the message until you have accep