Jonathan Gray: How Blackstone Invests In Real Estate

Jonathan Gray: How Blackstone Invests In Real Estate
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Published on May 21, 2017

A interview and Q&A with billionaire and head of real estate for Blackstone, Jonathan Gray. In this Interview Jonathan discusses how he invests at Blackstone, including single family homes and where most of the profit comes from. Jonathan also talks about the economy and how he handled the financial crash in 2007.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
5:49 How did you get started in Real Estate?
7:17 The Real Estate business when you started at Blackstone
7:48 Transforming into operational work in Real Estate
9:23 What is your typical day?
11:00 Finding the right people
11:58 Going into 2008
15:13 Low leverage
16:23 Selling at the right time
17:14 Too much leverage could happen again
18:18 Finding 50,000 homes to buy
22:36 Is all your profit in appreciation?
23:23 Views on the economy and China
28:10 Blackstone stock is undervalued
30:37 Slowdown in overpriced assets
31:41 Residential home business in US
33:07 Thoughts on Miami?
35:33 Supply constrained land are good investments
37:03 How would you describe 2008/2009?
39:01 Do you talk to investors about the diversification of Blackstone’s investments?
41:15 China’s increasing investments in Real Estate
44:25 You don’t get to see Real Estate markets changing everyday
47:08 Start of Q&A
47:17 Absence of foreign investors effect on the condo market?
49:06 How do you block out the noise and focus on the right information?
51:26 Getting finance on smaller buildings?
53:14 Thoughts on how to run a Real Estate company?
55:58 Making decisions on small assets?

Interview Date: 16th February, 2016
Event: 2016 Real Estate Impact Conference
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