6 Awesome Android Apps Not Available On Google Play Store

6 Awesome Android Apps Not Available On Google Play Store
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As technology has become more and more ubiquitous and indispensable in our lives with the advent of smart-phones, two major online platforms have become the go to places for apps that can assist us humans in making our lives easier.

Android smart-phone users, forming the bulk of all phone users, tend to be dependent on Google Play Store for getting the latest and best apps that can help them survive in this fast paced environment. Most of these people assume the Google Play Store collection to be the best and do not even think of venturing away from the choices that this big corporation provides them.

However, as is with real life, so is with the digital world – the most amazing treasures are hidden on paths less taken! Google Play Store does give you a wide array of options for possibly any type of app. But, these aren’t the only options that you have and not always the best. There are troves of treasure like apps available other than the Play Store that can completely change your smart-phone using experience and make it easier to survive this technological deluge.

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There are many apps, the best among which we’ll discuss, that are not available on the Google Play Store and tend to be better than the ones on the Play Store. Everyone should take a serious note of these and download them as soon as possible.

So, here are best among the amazing apps not available on the Google Play Store:

  1. ShowBox

What is the best way of spending your weekend sans parties? The latest thriller movie that released this week, recent episode of your favorite comedy show, an old classic movie that is interesting even if you are watching it for the 50th time…think of any other option but the common thing in all these situations is – ShowBox app!

ShowBox lets you stream your favourite TV shows and movies online anywhere, anytime.

Gone are the days when you had to sulk on missing an interesting episode or be confused when you watch the next one. Now you have ShowBox by your side that allows catching up on all the old episodes without much ado. It is the most popular free movies and TV shows streaming tool for android users to stream movies from various internet hosting sites.

Pros: The best thing about ShowBox – it is completely free with no issues of episodes or movies being locked for unregistered or unsubscribed users. Moreover, an easy to use and better looking interface, convenient navigation and many other useful features make it an instant hit despite being not available on the Google Play Store. Among the other benefits are the search facility with categories and genres, option of creating wishlists and marking favourites, downloading and watching later, 10,000+ constantly updating collection of movies, no ads at all, HD quality capability, compatibility with all Android platforms be it your smart-phone, tablet or even PC and the most interesting and distinctive edge – screening the video on a big screen using Chromecast!

Cons: The only issue with this app is its non availability on Google Play Store. So, you’ll have to download the APK

  1. AdAway

Everyone has experienced the irritation and annoyance of dealing with commercial ads, that randomly pop up from everywhere and take you to another page because of an accidental click. Most of the free apps you download are ad-supported but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid these interruptions. AdAway is a free, open source ad-blocker that blocks ads in every app on your device saving you from the obtrusive ads and your precious time as well. However it works only on rooted Android devices and at times can mess up the functioning of some apps.

  1. OG YouTube

Many times videos on youtube tend to be so interesting that we want to download them but youtube doesn’t allow that. OG YouTube is a YouTube client and lets you download videos from YouTube directly. Moreover, it also has the functionality of downloading youtube videos embedded on facebook, instagram and other platforms. Other major features include audio only downloading without using a 3rd party mp3 converter, simultaneous multiple video downloading, background video & audio playing and renaming the downloading videos.

  1. XTunes

Not just the name, but functions of this app are also similar to Apple’s iTunes app. XTunes is by far the best app for Android users to download and play music while on the go. It lets you not just download them but also store them on your storage, a functionality usually not available in other apps from Google Play Store. XTunes has a very wide collection of high quality songs ranging from the old classics to the latest releases and covers almost all popular genres from country to jazz & blues and reggae. One of the striking features that give it an added advantage is that songs come with pre-filled correct metadata that helps you organize your collection more efficiently without much efforts.

  1. QuickLyric

Can’t recall the lyrics of your favourite teenage song and just humming the tune away? Try using QuickLyric for searching lyrics of almost any song. It shows you the lyrics of the song that is playing or that you have manually searched for. Competitive advantage that it has over similar apps from Google Store or otherwise is the ability to download lyrics offline for any song in a single click. Also if you enable the option to refresh lyrics automatically, this app searches and downloads the new lyrics as and when a new song is added.

  1. Lucky Patcher

This is one amazing app that can never be found on the Google Play Store, ever! Lucky Patcher allows you to exert actual control over your Android device by controlling the permissions you give to various other apps on your device. It works only on a rooted device and can help you avoid android verification, remove unwanted ads, remove license verification of premium apps, modify app permission and remove in-app purchase verification. However, it may interfere with the working or cause data loss, thus a backup is recommended before using Lucky Patcher.

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