Will Google Hire Allow Employers To Snoop On Your Search History?

Will Google Hire Allow Employers To Snoop On Your Search History?
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Google has another big project in its enterprise and cloud division: Google Hire. The latest project, which is being led by Diane Greene, is reportedly a job applicant tracking system which appears to compete with services like Lever and Greenhouse, according to Axios.

Will Google give your search history to employers?

Axios reader Colin Heilbut spotted some job listing links which indicate that Google Hire allows employers to post job listings and then accept and manage applications. And there is reportedly one more thing that this service may help employers with – your search history. This could very helpful for employers, as almost all now do a web search about an applicant before calling them for an interview.

This recruitment tool will be similar to LinkedIn, but earlier reports suggested that the service would be available through users’ personal Google accounts. If those earlier reports are true, then the service will link things like users’ YouTube accounts and search history with their job applications, according to The Sun. This would allow employers to learn a lot about applicants, potentially including some things the law bars them from asking applicants about during the hiring process.

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The tool is currently in testing, as the service has not been officially announced yet. The login page is live, but it is not possible to check the website. When one tries to sign in, it gives an error message saying that the Gmail ID that was entered is not associated with an account. This service could have some connection with the acquisition of Bebop, a startup founded by Diane Greene that Google acquired in 2015.

Many technology companies are either testing or using the service, including CoreOS (a specialized Linux distribution developer), Medisas (a medical software company), SingleHop (an IT services management outfit), Poynt (a payment platform), and DramaFever (a video streaming website owned by Warner Brothers).

How Google Hire works

This latest project will place the tech company in the online job board business. A listing posted by Medisas gives some hints about the features available for posting jobs, according to AndroidHeadlines. The job listing appears similar to one found on Google’s own website, with the position written in a vertical scrolling format.

Job applicants are given an idea about what is required of them for the job, along with the prerequisites and preferred sets of qualifications and skills. The service asks for the user’s name and contact information. The employer posting the job can decide whether a cover letter or resume is required or not.

Neither the internet giant nor any of its employees testing the service have revealed how it works or when it will be officially announced. It is also not clear what sort of searches Google Hire could do on potential job applicants. The service will most likely be an end-to-end applicant management solution, given its resemblance to Google’s own complete job portal and the listing content.

To be on the safe side, be careful about what you are browsing for now.

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