Stephen Ross: Developing Real Estate and Career Advice


A interview and Q&A with Billionaire Real Estate developer and owner of the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross. In this interview Stephens answers many questions relating to real estate, including how he got started, plans for the future and advice he received along the way. Stephen Ross also talks about his career and gives advice to those just starting theirs.

By June Rivera (Flickr: MIA_vs_OAK_008) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
9:44 Start of Stephen Ross
10:13 Impression of Detroit and Law school
12:11 What goes into the decision making process to invest and develop an area?(Time Warner Center)
14:49 What will the experience be of Hudson Yards?
18:30 Why isn’t a development like this happening in Detroit?
20:18 What accomplishment of yours would your uncle be most proud off?
21:29 What do you hope the impact of your philanthropic work will have?
22:22 How has owning Miami Dolphins changed the way you want to give back?
23:48 What has challenged you most about owning a sport team?
24:48 Has your legal background helped you in real estate?
25:44 Advice for entrepreneurs?
26:26 Start of Q&A
26:39 Inspiration for RISE?
31:57 What aspect of developing real estate was most challenging to you early in your career?
32:58 When your project is big, how do you break it down?
34:02 Favourite memory of living in Detroit?
34:50 Value of a J.D?
36:50 How do you chose your philanthropic causes?
38:05 Would soccer become a major sport in the U.S?
41:38 Advice for going into bigger Real Estate developments?
42:52 How to find deals and weigh risk and reward?
44:20 The role you want to play in Detroit as a developer?
45:36 Thoughts of location of sports stadiums, and can they bring a community together?
47:49 When you graduated, did you aspire the heights you have achieved?
48:29 What does success look like?
49:00 What is a day in your life like?
49:41 What do you hope to be the ultimate impact of your philanthropic investments?
50:22 Who was your mentor? What advice did they give you?
51:31 What is the best role in a university for a philanthropist?
51:55 How do you get a chance to work for you?
52:29 Impact of 9/11 on you as a developer?
54:16 When did development pick up again?
55:46 Was there a time at Law school that helped your career?
57:57 If you were to come back to Detroit in 10 years, what would you like to see?

Interview Date: 23rd April, 2015
Event: An Evening with Stephen Ross at Wayne Law
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