Steve Wynn: Becoming a Real Estate and Casino Mogul

A interview with billionaire Steve Wynn. In this interview Steve discusses his early life and experiences of Las Vegas and how he got started in business. Steve also talk about his passion for art and what he believes it brings to casinos AND THE ROLE OF Michael Milken

Michael Milken
whekevi / Pixabay

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
1:07 Coming to Las Vegas for the first time in 1953
2:13 Did you leave thinking this was a great place?
2:50 Always doing business well
5:26 What is Las Vegas today?
7:00 Art and Las Vegas
9:43 Putting Picasso in a casino
11:18 Has art added anything to your life?
13:51 People who have influenced your life
17:26 Buying the Frontier hotel and organised crime
20:41 Becoming a distributor of alcohol and buying real estate from Howard Hughes
25:38 Golden Nugget and Michael Milken
28:13 Atlantic City and Donald Trump
30:33 Selling to stop Trump
31:00 The Mirage and Michael Milken
32:59 What do you want to be?
34:48 When you walk through a casino, what do you think?
35:34 Walt Disney
37:10 Do you see a link to your father?
38:35 Daughter kidnapping
40:32 Unsuccessful divorce
41:38 Eye disease
44:32 If there anything you want you can’t have?
46:03 Why do you think you have been so successful?
47:13 The most money ever lost at a casino?
48:09 Do you gamble?
49:14 Where is gaming going next?
50:38 A run at MCA
52:39 Do you want to own other non core businesses?

Interview Date: 20th May, 1997
Original Image Source:

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