Verizon Shows A Car That Soars Above Traffic, But It’s Just For An Ad


Flying cars have been in the news for quite some time now, but Verizon has come up with a truly new concept to steer clear of traffic. Verizon’s concept car can simply sail over all other cars ahead on the road. But you will be disappointed to know that it is just for an ad.

No, Verizon is not working on a car

The car was created on behalf of Verizon for something called Hum as a part of an advertisement. The car was designed by none other than Slovak Michael Krivicka, whose last work is unforgettable. Krivicka last created an advertisement for the horror movie Ring, scaring the life out of shoppers at a New York electronics store.

The company that actually made the car is A2ZFX, which is popular for its Red Bull Mini Car and various other strange creations. In the video, however, it is quite clear that the Hum Rider takes a long time to prepare for soaring over other cars, notes CNET.

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The Hum Rider is capable of stretching to around eight feet and soaring up to five feet, and therefore, crossing a large vehicle would not be an issue. There are over 300 feet of hydraulic lines fitted in the car that power the steering, brake, and locomotion. The car is powered by a single gas-powered Honda generator, which channels electricity to the pumps that release 900 pounds of the pressure to kick-start the hydraulic pumps. Verizon says the weight of the car is somewhere around 8,500 pounds, twice the weight of a standard Jeep Grand Cherokee.

It’s all to promote this hardware

According to the Verizon, the Hum Rider is a normal car in every way, but the whole idea of building it is just to promote the Hum, an aftermarket connected car gadget. Features such as geofencing and speed alerts are baked into the app. Verizon is pitching the gadget as a solution for parents worried about their teenagers, notes The Verge.

Hum is available for $10 per month. The kit consists of a module that can be fitted into the car’s onboard diagnostics port. The gadget also offers vehicle health monitoring, emergency assistance, and stolen vehicle tracking. Along with the location and speed alerts, the device also helps with location tracking and produces a driving log which tracks the travel times, the amount of time the engine was idle, and the average speed.

You can watch the ad here.