PlayStation 4 Wifi Issue Caused By An Update Leaves Users Waiting For A Fix

PlayStation 4 Wifi Issue Caused By An Update Leaves Users Waiting For A Fix

Hidden within the last PS4 update along with all the goodies and anticipation was something nasty. Something that has since March 9th left some users with a PlayStation 4 WiFi Issue. What is that issue? It’s preventing the WiFi on some users consoles from working. And what’s more frustrating about this is, there’s no word on a fix.

PlayStation 4 WiFi Issue Woes

Now, if you’re a PS4 owner and you updated to version 4.50 on or after March 9th, and are not affected. Consider yourself lucky, because the problem with WiFi seems to be quite well spread.

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If for whatever reason, you haven’t updated your console yet, it may be worth holding back. Because it been over two weeks since this PlayStation 4 WiFi issue was first reported and to reiterate there has been no word on a fix. As for the error itself, it manifests itself as a problem with a network password. With the console suggesting that the one entered is incorrect even though it is not.

Upon realizing his/her console had an issue one PlayStation community user took to the internet (via another device). And reported it on the community forum saying:

“It comes up with error NW-31297-2 that my password might be wrong but I’m pretty sure the password is correct.”

The Error Code

As for what the above error code stands for, according to Sony‘s support website NW-31297-2 means the following:

“Could not connect to the Wi-Fi network because the Wi-Fi password is not correctly set on the PS4, or the wireless network is busy.”

However, the above PlayStation community user did not report having issues with other devices connecting to his/her network. So, this indicated that the problem was with the PS4 itself and the error code was wrong. Since that initial report, there have been many other reports of this PlayStation 4 WiFi issue. So much so, that there are now 26-pages of reports from users from all over and the frustration is growing.

Sony is Aware Of The Problem

While Sony has remained quiet about this issue, it is apparently working to fix it as quickly as it can. However, without a statement, the online publication Polygon attempted to contact Sony for an explanation. In return they were simply told:

“We are aware and are looking into the situation.”

Solutions For Connecting Your PS4

If you’re fed up with Sony’s silence over this PlayStation 4 WiFi issue, you could follow the example of others. Some have resorted to restoring internet connectivity by going old-school and purchasing WiFi extenders with Ethernet ports. Apparently, this enables the console to be connected via cable; however, Sony should say and do more asap.

Is your console experiencing the WiFi issue? Please come and share your experience of this problem with us via the comments section below.

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