Sony Bids Farewell To PlayStation 3, Atleast In Japan

It seems like the days of the PlayStation 3 console are finally over in Japan. Currently, you will find only one model of Sony PlayStation 3 in Japan: the charcoal black 500GB version. The Tokyo-based company seems to be killing it (no production, no shipments), and there appears to be no replacement for it in Sony’s hardware line-up.

Life cycle of PlayStation 3 over

According to the Japanese gaming news site Inside, the console’s official Japanese product page reveals that shipments of the PlayStation 3 Charcoal Black 500GB are scheduled to finish soon. Since last year, Sony has been making attempts to retire the console. In October, the Japanese company released the last first-party PlayStation 3 title and by August, the console will not be able to access PS Now anymore, notes Engadget.

Console enthusiasts and fans who still like to play on the PlayStation 3 will be dismayed by this news, as the Japanese hardware maker will probably stop supporting the titles and rolling out updates on the PlayStation Store after production of the console stops.

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Previously, former Sony executive Ken Kutaragi said that the console would have a ten-year life cycle, notes Kotaku. As most of you already know, the PlayStation 3 was released in November 2006 (in answer to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 released in late 2015) and it is already March 2017. More than ten years have passed, so if Sony does decide to stop production on this console, it should not be surprising.

No shipments after March?

It is still not certain how this move will impact North America. As of now, there is no information from Sony on it. The company also gave no certain dates about when the PlayStation 3 would shop shipping in Japan. However, Japanese site reports that shipments will be completed in March 2017. These are expected to be the last shipments, according to several reports.

The day these remaining units stop shipping, the PlayStation 3 will no more be available in Japan for sale. People who want to buy the console will have to look for it in the secondhand market.

Sony announced last month that it will be stopping its PlayStation Now service for several supported platforms, excluding Windows PCs and the PS4.

Brian Dunn, PlayStation Now senior marketing manager, said at the time, “After thoughtful consideration, we decided to shift our focus and resources to PS4 and Windows PC to further develop and improve the user experience on these two devices.”