Nintendo Switch Dock Delivery Issue: Should You Wait Before Buying?

Nintendo Switch Dock Delivery Issue: Should You Wait Before Buying?

Nintendo may be happy with how well the Switch has been selling around the world. But, that doesn’t mean all consumers have a smile on their faces. What with the Pixels issue, Joy-Con problems, charging problems and more, there’s now a report of shipping problems. One that centers around Nintendo and its delivery methods for the stand alone Nintendo Switch Dock.

Nintendo Switch Dock Delivery

Coming via NintendoLife, the above-mentioned report, it shares readers experience of ordering an extra Nintendo Switch Dock. Now, this site is based in the US, so if you’re not its possible stand-alone docks aren’t on sale yet.

However, having ordered the dock, delivery was apparently fast, but the condition of the item was not as expected. In fact, the device that arrived was faulty! And on further inspection, the only cause that could be thought of was Nintendo’s apparent haphazard approach to packaging. Instead of a robust cardboard box, with some kind of internal material to help protect the dock during transit. There was an envelope with bubble wrap, surely not enough to protect the contents during the rigors of delivery.

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Testing the Dock

As for the condition of the dock on removal from its packaging, as others had previously reported it was bent/warped. Now, if you order one and it arrives in the post, there’s a test you can do called the Reddit Penny Test.

The test itself is simple, however, it will give you an idea as to how warped/bent your Nintendo Switch dock is. All you need is a penny, and Reddit user describes the process as:

“Put a penny in the bottom slit and roll it up to see how bent it is – Genius “

Teething Problems

Like with all early releases of new tech, there are bound to be teething problems. With this Nintendo Switch dock problem, rather than blame its namesakes manufacturing it stopped short. But, with concern beginning to mount, how long can even a fan blog like NintendoLife hold back from criticizing.

Furthermore, this being a relatively minor issue, how can those who love the brand continue to support the switch with its growing number of problems? So, far less than one week since the mobile/console’s launch there have been a staggering amount of issues reported.

As such we’ve put together a helpful article on a number of ways you can deal with certain problems. You can check that out here. Alternatively, we have a report about the dead pixel issue some users are reporting, you can find that here.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve had a similar experience to NintendoLife with a Nintendo Switch Dock, please let us know in the comments below. Additionally, if you have an issue that you haven’t had any support for, tell us about it below. We may be able to advise you!

In the meantime keep checking back for updates, because we’re expecting Nintendo to make announcements soon about the known issues.

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