Nintendo Switch Pixels Issue: Owners Complain About Dead Pixels

Nintendo Switch Pixels Issue: Owners Complain About Dead Pixels

Nintendo launched its highly anticipated mobile/console hybrid late last week. And so far its sales figures have brought a smile to the face of decision makers at the Japanese technology giant. Why? Because those figures suggest, the Switch has smashed Nintendo’s previous record for the number of devices sold on an opening weekend. However, it’s not all been a bed of roses, as some owners are a Nintendo Switch pixels issue. One which could put a dampener on the celebrations.

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Opening Joy to Nintendo Switch pixels issue

Before we go any further, it’s clear that some owners of the Switch have reported issues with the Joy-Con controller. Additionally, others have reported input switching issues caused by the console on their Tv’s. However, these were all deemed to be fixable at the source, not something that Nintendo needed to fix.

As for this newly discovered Nintendo Switch pixels issue. This could severely dampen/hamper future sales figures if the company doesn’t act quickly.

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What is the Problem?

According to the results provided on a quick Google search, a Pixel is:

“A pixel is a minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which images are created.”

According to the reports we have seen, thousands of Switch owners have discovered that their device has dead pixels. Some people refer to the problem as “stuck pixels”, but the result is the same. These non-operating pixels create distracting and annoying dark squares on the Switch display.


In a recent article by the BBC, it reported that it had approached Nintendo about the problem and its response was:

“Dead pixels were normal and should not be considered a defect.”

According to industry experts, Nintendo’s response shows either a lack of understanding or a deflection tactic to bide time. Alternatively, the LCD panel used on the Switch could be of an older design/technology. Apparently, early LCD panels suffered from dead pixels, however, as the technology has evolved these have diminished.

As for what is being said by potential device owners, one Reddit user said:

“I understand they’re apparently common in devices. But on a handheld system, it’s a big enough annoyance for me I would not purchase a device with one.”

Similar Issues

Looking back at previous device launches it becomes apparent that this isn’t the first time Nintendo has faced pixel issues. When the much loved DS first launched in 2004, it too had pixels missing or stuck. The story at the time was so big that the company eventually allowed consumers to return devices to be replaced.

However, Nintendo isn’t the only Japanese manufacturer to have had this problem. Sony too had to deal with angry consumers over its PlayStation Portable and its loss of pixels. The problem became so bad for Sony that it allowed retailers to open boxes to check for the defect.

What Can You Do?

If you notice that your device has this Nintendo Switch pixels issue. The first thing to do would be to return it to where you purchased it. As for what your retailer will do, it’s not certain. However, the sale of defective goods does entitle you to a refund or even a replacement. The <a href=”http://” target=”_blank”>problem you may face is whether a retailer has any in stock. After all, it’s being reported that the console/mobile hybrid is sold out in most places.

Final Thoughts

While there are issues for some owners, for what seems like the vast majority the Nintendo Switch pixels issue does not exist. They are happy playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which is the biggest-selling Nintendo launch title ever in Europe and the USA. Early indications are suggesting it may even have out-sold Wii Sports in its first weekend sales.

Has your Nintendo Switch exhibited this pixel problem? If so, please share with our readers your experience, have you had a replacement or a refund? Alternatively, are you having any so far unreported problems with your device? If so, please use the comments section below, and we will try to advise you of a course of action.

In the meantime, contact your place purchase and keep checking back at Valuewalk for updates. Because, as soon as we find out anything we will inform you!

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