Apple’s Clips App Makes It Easy To Create Viral Videos

Apple’s Clips App Makes It Easy To Create Viral Videos

Earlier this week Apple announced its Clips App for iPhone and iPad. It’s an iOS based application that will enable iDevice owners to create viral-worthy videos quickly, that can be shared via social media. When the app makes its appearance of the App Store in April, it will come with features as of yet unseen by iOS users. Presenting them with a press-to-record button that makes it easy to capture, and edit video.

The Clips App Is Not A Social Network

After Apple had announced this app, it became clear that some iOS users, mainly the younger Millennials were confused. Yes, it does contain similar features to those found on Snaptchat, Instagram, and other social video applications. “It is a tool, not a social network.” Meaning that while you can film, edit short videos, use overlays, music tracks, and effects. But the sharing of them takes place via social network or iMessage.

Clips App Features

Where video creation and sharing apps are concerned, the clips interface is a simple one. However, hidden underneath this simplicity are some features which feel borrowed and other that are Apple in nature.

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To start with the app’s opening screen has a capture-square similar to that found on Instagram. Alongside this are options to access Video, and Photo’s, and at the top, there are options for customizing and styling. Then at the bottom, there’s the timeline, which is where you can view what clips have been used.

Live Titles

Remember when we said there are certainly some features that were Apple in nature. Live Titles is one of them, and it’s something we’ve not seen anywhere else, what is it? It’s a feature which turns spoken text into text that is placed over still photo’s and video. And what’s more, it is apparently very easy to do, the only action required is the tap of a button. And then the use of your voice, and that’s it, yes, you can choose from a variety of languages currently 36.

Smart Suggestions

Now, if when you use the Clips App, you intend to share your creations via iMessage. Apple is going to add a feature called Smart Suggestions, it will be able to suggest for the first time on an Apple device people you can share with. That is those who use iMessage. These suggestions will use the facial recognition software in the Photo’s app. Which ultimately means, that if your friends use iMessage, the clips app will auto-suggest you share with them first.

Final Thoughts

While the above features are new, others a strikingly similar to those we’ve seen before. For instance, the inclusion of filters, basic text, emoji, and the use of iTunes for music are not new. As is the placing of videos and photo’s into a timeline, take your pick, others did this before the Clips App.

However, if we had to pick out one, seriously blatant copy, it would have to be how much some of the filters resemble those in the Prisma App. The only difference being with Clips, the filter is added as a video is being shot, it’s not something that is completed afterward.


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