Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft: Who Poached Who [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft: Who Poached Who [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Whenever a high-profile executive is poached from a big-name company, the tech community usually notices it, but Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and others poach lesser-known employees from each other as well. Data indicates that Google is the biggest offender when it comes to tech names poaching talent from other tech firms.

Microsoft looks to be the underdog here, whether it’s out of respect for the other companies or simply because employees are drawn by the glamor of working at Apple or Google but not by an offer from a legacy tech name in a transition period.

Google poached almost 13,000 workers

Using LinkedIn profile information, recruitment experts at Talentful conducted a study recently on how the top 15 tech firms poach talent from their competitors. Talent is a hot commodity in Silicon Valley, and it’s one that’s in short supply despite continuing efforts to boost STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education.

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