iPhone 8 In Jet White? Apple Fans Would Probably Buy It

iPhone 8 In Jet White? Apple Fans Would Probably Buy It
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We heard late last year that Apple was planning on releasing an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in Jet White, although that has yet to materialize. The rumor claimed that the new color would appear just in time for the holidays. But what about a Jet White iPhone 8?

Apple might consider it, considering the huge success it had with the Jet Black iPhone 7, but only if suppliers can produce the casings exactly the way it wants.

Showing off an alleged Jet White iPhone 7

Last month, Sonny Dickson posted a video on Twitter, suggesting that the casings in the video might be the rumored Jet White iPhone 7.

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However, it seems pretty clear that the casings being shown in the video wouldn’t be up to Apple’s quality standards. The paint job is horribly uneven. If anything, perhaps they demonstrate why the company chose to scrap the idea of a Jet White iPhone 7. If the supplier couldn’t produce perfect casings in that color, then Apple wouldn’t do it.

This would certainly explain why there was a rumor about a mid-cycle Jet White iPhone 7. Apple is not in the habit of releasing iPhones in new colors in the middle of a cycle; thus it was extremely doubtful that this rumor could be true.

What about a Jet White iPhone 8?

Apple already offers five different color options for the iPhone 7, so it seems questionable that it would add a sixth choice. Having so many choices just complicates the manufacturing process, and the company is having trouble keeping up with demand for the bigger iPhone 7 Plus as it is. Also yields on the most popular Jet Black color are lower because the finish has proved to be difficult for the company’s suppliers. It’s possible that Jet White could present the same sort of challenges.

One thing that hasn’t escaped notice is the fact that the AirPods are available only in one color: Apple’s Classic White. Some would say that this lends credence to the suggestion that there could be a Jet White or possibly Classic White iPhone 8 on the way. The company has made white iPhones in the past, but Classic White might be a more likely than a glossy Jet White to be the yin to the Jet Black’s yang.

In terms of the Classic White AirPods, it could turn into a manufacturing nightmare to produce the AirPods in multiple colors, at least this early in the game. Apple’s other accessories only come in white, so it’s reasonable to expect the same of the AirPods, in my opinion. Perhaps the iPhone maker will change this at some point, once it moves past the issues that caused the delayed launch, but white goes with every color of the iPhone 7 rainbow, so this could be a low priority.

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