Alleged Demon Photo Goes Viral On Facebook

Alleged Demon Photo Goes Viral On Facebook

A so-called demon photo is spreading like wildfire over social media. The photo was posted by Facebook user Richard Christianson on Sunday, and it has been shared tens of thousands of times. Many social media users seem genuinely chilled by what is now commonly being called a demon photo, but others remain skeptical and offered other solutions.

Whatever the case may be, the post has since been removed from Facebook, although we don’t know why.

A demon photo?

In his post with the photo, Christianson wrote, “What the hell do you see in this picture for reals ??? Anybody.”]

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Interestingly, the post with the demon photo in it appears to have been removed from Facebook, although it’s unclear why. The social network could have removed the post because of a policy violation, or Christianson himself might have deleted his own post, possibly when he realized that it had gone viral. But it’s too late because the photo is now everywhere.

Other explanations for the demon photo

Many Facebook users were quick to claim that the image is a demon photo, as some see a tall black figure that has wings. The figure is taller than a house that’s in the photo. Before the image was removed, it had received almost 10,000 comments, with some saying that it’s a demon and others seeing an angel. More than 80,000 people had shared the image before its removal.

However, others had perfectly rational explanations for the “demon photo.” Some Facebook users said the image is nothing but a trick of the light and shadows at night, with a few recommending that Christianson take another photo from the same spot during the daytime to see what could be causing the outline of the image.

Others said it’s nothing but a palm tree and a trick of the light, adding that another palm tree can be seen to the left of the shadowy image in the same photograph.

Still others denounced the demon photo as nothing but a demonstration of someone’s Photoshopping abilities or a combination of the above non-supernatural explanations for the image.

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